Level 72
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A photo of the underpass in Level 72.

Level 72 is the 73rd level of the backrooms. It was discovered by a YouTuber who filmed himself exploring this level, as it was the main point of his channel.


Level 72 is a long railway system that is above the ground. There are 3 lines with trains that connect to each other, and also Level 59. There are two main parts of Level 72: The Railway and The Underpass. The railway is an empty track of railways for passenger trains with different stations and small buildings that would normally act as waiting areas in real life. There are some trains that do not work, but can be entered in. In the small buildings, there are sometimes some water coolers that dispense Almond Water. The Railway is considered to be much safer because of the water supply, no entities and the fact that you can meet up with other people so as to not go insane. Some people pointed out that The Railway looks quite similar to the London Overground and DLR system. The Underpass is a very small section of Level 72 that supposedly would be an engine room. It's completely empty inside. There are some entities in The Underpass, that being Clumps and Crawlers, but so long as you stay away from The Underpass, you're safe. The sky in Level 72 is grey, and every 10 days, it rains.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


To enter, find a way to connect the lines of Level 59 to those of Level 72, and you'll make it up.


To leave, either go back down to Level 59 or enter a suspiciously long train and walk through it until you cannot see The Railway anymore. You will end up in Level 77, or jump through the level's floor in order to get to Level 126.

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