Level 718
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Level 718 is the 719th Level of the Backrooms. According to Entity 440 this level was first encountered by humans in 539 B.C just after the fall of Babylon, but was rediscovered March 22, 1984.


Level 718 is a seemingly infinite expanse of clear blue sky with sporadic and distant white clouds.

The floor is a perfectly reflective surface with a thin layer of some clear water-like liquid on top of it. This liquid cannot be removed from the floor and is too thick to be pierced by any means. Creatures on this level walk on this liquid as the surface tension seems great enough to support any weight. The floor, if laid upon, feels extraordinarily soft, similar to a bed, only firmer. However, if stood on, the floor feels like some kind of wood.

The sun on Level 718 never sets, and people on Level 718 report feeling "rejuvenated" and "refreshed" upon entry of the level. Sleep on Level 718 is not required, although anyone attempting to sleep or rest find it extremely easy to do so while on this level.

The temperature on Level 718 is always 21.1°C or approximately 70.0°F. Level 718 commonly smells like sweet food. The specific food differs from person to person, however, many report to smell "freshly baked cinnamon rolls."

The only entity on this level is Entity 440 which has been dubbed "The Historian" by many who have entered Level 718. This entity appears as a large, approximately 9-foot-tall humanoid creature that glows with an intensity of 1,000 lumens that is impossible to photograph and extremely difficult to view with the bare human eye. Any attempt to reduce or filter the light emitted from this creature proves futile. Likewise, cameras cease to function on Level 718, though will resume function upon exiting the level.

The only other creatures on this Level are the Silent Monks, as they are a non-hostile semi-religious and fanatical group comprised of humans who have willingly joined the ranks of the Silent Monks, either by asking to do so or by asking a metaphysical question to Entity 440. They wander the entirety of Level 718, but many of them tend to remain near Entity 440. They are not permitted to talk to any other person and seem to have some kind of telepathic communication with Entity 440. They never seem to have any desire to speak to any other creature than Entity 440.

No single person is permitted to remain on Level 718 for more than a cumulative 24 hours without joining the Silent Monks. If any one person exceeds this 24 hour time limit, they will be warned of their impending departure, then 7 minutes later immediately and randomly sent to Level 717, Level 4, Level 0, or Level 719. After this 24 hour limit is exceeded, a person attempting to enter Level 718 through falling out a window on Level 4 will instead be transported to Level 719, and a person attempting to enter Level 718 through a white fog on Level 717 will instead appear on Level 719.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The Monastery of the Silent Monks

  • This is the only sustained "Outpost" on Level 718.
  • There are 63 monks that currently live in this community.
  • None of the monks are hostile and will not become hostile for any reason.

Effects on the Human Body

  • Increased stamina and endurance
  • Eliminates the need for sleep or rest
  • The human body seems to become more resilient on Level 718, bludgeoning strikes rarely leave lasting damage. Cutting and piercing the human body is extremely hard on Level 718 and requires considerable force.

Tests Conducted on Level 718

Entrances And Exits


The only entrances to Level 718 are by walking through a dense white fog on Level 717 or, rarely, by falling out a window on Level 4. According to Entity 440, it is also possible to enter Level 718 directly from no-clipping through different places throughout Mesopotamia.


There are three known exits on Level 718. The first is by entering a dense grey fog located approximately a kilometer away from Entity 440 which leads to Level 719. One may also exit to Level 717 by walking back through the white fog they used to enter. The last known exit to this level is asking Entity 440 to send them to a Difficulty Class: 0 or Difficulty Class: Habitable level of the Backrooms. The person leaving may specify the level or be sent to a random Difficulty Class: 0 or Difficulty Class: Habitable level of the Backrooms. Occasionally people are sent to Habitable Sublevels of the Backrooms. A common random destination is The Crimson Forest on Sub-Level 9.1.

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