Level 7.2
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Class 3

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The First Image of Level 7.2.

Level 7.2 is the 2nd Sub-Level between Level 7 and Level 8 discovered on ██/██/████ by Reddit User u/███████.


Level 7.2 is a 100km-wide saline marine area surrounding a seemingly infinite replica of the wreck of the British passenger liner, RMS Titanic. Level 7.2 is seemingly non-euclidean in scale as the exterior of Level 7.2 is near the same size as the Frontrooms equivalent, while the interior is estimated to be at least 1,000,000 km long. Level 7.2 is differentiated from Level 7 by the decreased quantity of entities and increase in salinity of the surrounding waters.


Level 7.2 contains all entity species within Level 7 except for The Thing on Level 7, however, Level 7.2 has an anomalous effect on them. As Level 7.2 does not have a surface, the level gives entities the ability to swim at speeds exceeding 900km/h (250m/s) and the ability to breathe underwater through diffusion.

Main Feature - The Titanic

The main feature of Level 7.2 is a feature nicknamed by witnesses as a Titanic Titanic. The Titanic is near identical in design to the original passenger liner, however in a state of advanced decomposition as the metal used to construct it decays. The estimated age of the feature is approximately 300 years according to metal samples and stage of decomposition in contrast with the real-life counterpart being 108 years old.

The Titanic is apparently the hive of the waterborne beings in this level, as all entities in this level have been observed trading, living and reproducing within. Thus entering is not recommended.


Level 7.2 was discovered by u/███████ when exploring too deep into Level 7. u/███████ reported witnessing a feature similar to a passenger liner assuming it was only a feature within Level 7. As the Reddit post has been deleted, no other details can be described.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on Level 7.2.

Entrances & Exits:


  • Level 7
    • Entering the Ocean of Level 7 (1/250,000 Chance).
    • Venturing 1 km into the Ocean of Level 7
  • Level 43
    • Break through a Non-Anomalous Window.


  • Level 6
    • Turn off all nearby lights for 10 minutes.
  • A Party =)
    • Jump into a bucket of water balloons on the C Deck.


Addendum L7.2-1: M.E.G. Drone Exploration Log

Drone Designation: MEG.D-304 (henceforth named “Drone-304”)

Launched: 18th Sep ████

Status: Destroyed

Event(s) Summary: Drone-304 enters into Level 7.2’s main feature through the dome window above the Grand Staircase. Drone-304 encounters two docile entities wandering along the staircase. Entities do not appear to notice Drone-304 and swim out of the feature through the dome window. Drone-304 enters the living quarters of Level 7.2’s main feature. Living quarters seem to contain the majority of entities within the feature, with around 23 separate instances observed during exploration. Drone-304 exits the feature and reenters through a window into the Main Promenade. The Promenade is the least maintained with moss snd sea-life growing along it. Drone-304 is witnessed by an entity resembling a Wretch, approaches Drone-304 at 50km/h and destroys the drone and video equipment.


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