Level 7
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A brightened photo of Level 7's main room.

Level 7 is the 8th level of the Backrooms.

It was first discovered by Reddit user u/Bart0nius. It poses a significant obstacle to exploration of Level 8 and further.


Level 7 is unique in that it is a vast expanse of water that appears to stretch on endlessly, making it a lifeless ocean. Like Level 6, it is pitch black. The screams of Level 6 are not present. The water is distilled, rather than being saltwater or regular freshwater.

Nobody thus far has truly explored Level 7, but what is currently known is that the first and potentially only proper "room" of Level 7 is not flooded and has the usual fluorescent lighting. The room has a thin layer of water on the bottom, and is strangely skewed from the rest of the floor: the single door opens to show the surface of the water from a top-down perspective. The room is seemingly rotated horizontally, but gravity still works to keep one's feet on the floor in the first room. Upon entry, gravity switches to pulling one towards the water and is significantly stronger than regular gravity. The water has been reported to be "very cold" and it is generally not advised to enter it.

In the ocean, there are rooms stacked up on top of rooms reaching up from the ocean floor to peek out above the surface, like small islands. These islands are scattered about far from each other, with only the faint fluorescent light leaking out of the surface rooms. These room are mostly flooded at a random water level if they are in the water. You may also find stairs to traverse the insides of these islands. Inside the islands is furniture, scattered across all rooms, sometimes stacked upon each other, or floating in the flooded areas.

The floor of the ocean are mounds of rock and carpet sticking out from the Infinite Abyss, it is made up of carpet hardened by the thick layer of tar and bones above it. There are several skeletons, including several almost-humanoid figures and massive, toothy fish. Little else is known about the depths of the waters, aside from the extreme darkness and the endless expanse of tar and bones. There is a rumored Cave entrance in the mounds that leads to level 8.

In terms of Things, Level 7 has only one reported one. Alone in the freezing waters, The Thing On Level 7 appears to have killed off any other life in the ocean. More information can be found here.

The current depth of Level 7 is unknown by exact terms, but members of B.A.S has determined it to be impossibly deep architecturally wise.

Colonies And Outposts

The Prayers of the Water God (TPWG):

  • A group that has a base on one of the many room islands.
  • The Group prays to The Thing On Level 7.
  • Numbers of people in the group: About 15.
  • Behavior Calm, quiet, but also tricky and mysterious.

The groups main mission Is to pray for The Thing On Level 7, and "Free" any people they meet to it. Anyone who encounters them will be greeted with food, water, and sleep to their base and will be asked if they want to join in. If they say yes they will teach and give them the suit and/or costume for the proper way to pray and follow the leader. If you say no, they will kindly take your answer and give you food, water, and sleep for as long as you want. However, do not stay in their base for long. They will sacrifice or "Free" you to The Thing On Level 7. They will drug you to sleep so they can do their rituals with ease.

Entrances And Exits:


Travel from Level 6


The only two known exits are through an underwater exit shaped like a hole located somewhere in the carpeted ocean, which was discovered by u/Bart0nius and u/avolded, and this will lead to Level 8. A more practical way of exiting is through a double side door with the sign "no exit" glowing neon red that seems to be appears close to the only room on this level, it leads back to Level 4, although exact location is unknown.

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