Level 683
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A picture taken just East of Uv.

Level 683 is the 684th Level of the Backrooms.


The center Level 683 consists of a lush forest filled with non-anomalous flora and fauna. There are two small rivers that cross through this forest. The forest is large, and almost exactly circular, with a diameter of around 40 miles. Outside of this range is a wasteland with no visible signs of life. This wasteland remains largely unexplored, so not much is known about it at this time. Aside from nomadic faceling groups and The Uvi, the forest of Level 683 is completely devoid of entities.

Level 683 has a 26 hour day/night cycle as well as a 23 day lunar cycle. Despite this, no sun, nor stars can ever be seen in the sky. Level 683 also experiences relatively normal frontrooms weather patterns.

Colonies And Outposts:

Faceling Nomads:

There are several nomadic groups of facelings scattered around Level 683's forest. These facelings are very primitive, roaming around the forest in loose groups. Facelings from these groups are often captured by the Uvi people for use in religious rituals.

The Village of Uv:

Uv is a farming village that exclusively uses primitive technology in their daily life. Various livestock and crop farms make up the village's outskirts, producing products such as rice and wheat, and farming animals such as sheep and pigs. The village is located near the center of the forest that is populated by a group known as the Uvi. The Uvi are an intelligent race of entities who have a physiques similar to humans, only distinct by their shorter stature and lack of hair. Not much is known about the Uvi's origins, but they seem to have been in Level 683 for many generations. The Uvi engage in ritualistic worship of a "snake god" known as Dibabi. For more information about the Uvi's religious practices, see the supplementary documents.

Entrances And Exits:


The primary ways of entering Level 683 are by no-clipping through a painting in Level 57 depicting a forest, or by walking through the outskirts of Level 372. It can also occasionally be accessed by wandering off the road in Level 9, and entering a building in Level 11 labeled Gaia's Greenery will lead to a small shack near the north-west edge of the forest.


There is a cave in the ground of Level 683 that when entered will lead to Level -4. Going South into the wasteland can also lead to Level 11.2.

Supplementary Documentation

Apeasment Ritual

The following is a transcript of an ancient Uvi religeous text describing a ritual used to appease the snake god Dibabi, courtesy of Uvi High Priest Magjepses

[…] On the fifth day, a virgin man shall be lain naked on the onyx alter for Dibabi. A single cut shall be made on the man's throat. The blood shall drip through the cracks in the alter, and it shall become the wine that feeds Dibabi. If this ritual is preformed on the fifth day of every moon, Dibabi shall bring plentiful harvest, but if this ritual does not occur, Dibabi's wrath will befall Uv. […]

M.E.G. Interview Log 1246

Interviewer: Rita Cain
Interviewee: Uvi High Priest Magjepses

<Begin Interview>

Interviewer: May I ask you some questions regarding your religious practices?

High Priest: Of course. I am always willing to educate an outsider on the scriptures.

Interviewer: Right… May I ask you why you need to sacrifice facelings to "apease Dibabi"?

High Priest: It has been done for centuries. Dibabi needs blood to live, and in return she keeps the forest alive. In the old days we sacrificed our own kind, but we learned that the faceless ones would do just fine.

Interviewer: Do you feel any remorse, killing these "faceless ones"?

High Priest: No. They are not like you and me. They are livestock shaped like people— animals to be slaughtered, but their blood is close enough to ours for Dibabi to accept it, and for that I am grateful.

Interviewer: Okay, and what would happen if you didn't preform these rituals?

High Priest: Everything would die. The rivers would dry up; the soil would no longer be able to support life, and as the plants pass away, so would we.

Interviewer: And how do you know this?

High Priest: It is written in the scriptures. You see, the forest was bigger a very long time ago. Before I was born; before my father was born; and even before my father's father was alive. During that time, Uv wasn't the only village. To the east was Sen, who worshipped Dibabi's sister Onagagi, and to the west was Tamal, and many others. It is written in the scriptures that each village stopped feeding the gods one by one, and one by one they were taken by the wasteland. All but us, for we have not balked at our duty, and we will continue well beyond my or your life time.

Interviewer: Thank you High Priest. That will be all for today.

<End of Interview>

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