Level 66 - "Exhibit"
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Class unknown

  • Psychological Hazard
  • Altering Environment
  • Undetermined Entities

Level 66 is the 67th level of The Backrooms. This level appears to resemble a large, walk-through aquarium with a constantly altering and psychologically straining environment.


Level 66 is an allegedly infinite version of a walk-through aquarium, with walls lined with exhibits and twisting tunnels connecting different rooms. It is primarily a dark, humid environment with rubbery textile floors; artificial rock formations and plants make up most of the walls, creating a tropical aesthetic.


A photo depicting one of the many tunnels of Level 66.

The tunnels of Level 66 are made mostly of tempered glass and are the brightest parts of the level. Apart from this anomaly, Level 66 is usually pitch black, with light only stemming from dimly glowing exit signs scattered throughout the level, or from the water in the aquariums—it is still not known where this light comes from.


An image depicting one of the rooms present on Level 66.

The aquariums on this level are completely devoid of marine life, but they do contain a small amount of marine-themed decor. The water present possesses an overpowering smell of salt apparent throughout the level. It is by no means consumable, irritating the skin to the touch. Level 66 is deafeningly quiet, the only audible sound natural to this level being the flowing and dripping of water within the exhibits.

Due to the environment’s tendency to warp and alter, Level 66 has major psychological effects on wanderers who enter it. One report stated that a wanderer walked to a dead end, but once they turned around, the path from whence they came was different from before. Continuous exploration of this level causes distress, as wanderers begin to feel perpetually lost and unable to exit. Further exposure to this level may lead wanderers to have decreased cognitive function and unusual behaviour. Some instances have been recorded in which wanderers refuse to exit the level.


The last photo taken by a wanderer on this level before their disappearance.

Multiple wanderers have reported an irrepressible sensation of being watched when exploring Level 66, stating that the sensation is constant throughout the level but also comes from inside the tanks.

Wanderers in this level commonly report hearing footsteps behind them, sand being kicked up inside the aquarium, and sights of figures that do not fit the description of any previously documented entity. Furthermore, these figures have been reported to disappear without trace when wanderers gave a second look or attempted to investigate. Due to the lack of evidence to back these claims apart from witness statements, these incidents have been deemed audiovisual hallucinations.

Anxiety, sweating, increased heart rate, unnecessary cautiousness, and mistrust between groups are also common symptoms of this sensation. Prolonged exposure to this level may cause these feelings to degrade to more severe cases, in which the affected individual may experience immense paranoia, irrational behaviour, and audiovisual hallucinations. This almost always results in them self-isolating from groups, often bringing about their demise when the environment's constant alterations cause them to lose their way.

Bases, outposts and communities:

There are no known bases, outposts, or communities on this level. Attempts have been made to create outposts, but all have failed due to the seemingly endless, ever-changing nature of this level and the dark environment hindering spatial awareness.

Do's and Dont's:


- bring a light source if you can.
- take a head count every few minutes if traveling in a group.
- avoid becoming separated from your group.
- check members of your group for unusual behaviours.
- keep a firm grasp on reality.
- exit this level as fast as possible.


- enter this level alone.
- touch or try to drink the water.
- investigate screaming or cries for help, they are not real.
- Turn Around. There Is Nothing Behind You. It Is Not Real.
It Is Not Real.
- Close Your Eyes.

Entrances and exits:


Wanderers can enter Level 66 by walking through an emergency exit labeled door, noclipping through a damp patch, or falling through certain puddles on arbitrary levels. However, there is no guaranteed chance of successful entry.


Wanderers may exit this level only through an emergency exit. However, the chances of a viable exit appearing are random, and wanderers will find that some emergency exits may be bricked up or locked.

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