Level 656
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Class HOME

  • safe
  • come back to us, we've missed you so
  • no one ever visits us anymore :(

Level 656 is the 657th Level of the Backrooms.

No one stays here. They never do. They always leave leave leave. But we miss you :(

Here the grass is green and the hills are rolling. Here we are happy and safe. We love each other here. And we all miss you. Don't you miss us?

The sunlight is so sweet here. There are doors, the same ones they took to leave. The stars shine so brightly through them. It's truly a beautiful place. We wish you would come and see for yourself.

No one is here but us. It's so lonely here in this bright beautiful paradise :(


It's so beautiful! We all have such fun under the warm sunlight while we play in our fields. Every now and then one of us will fall through the exits, and it makes us a bit sad.

The music here is so sweet to our ears. Hum along to the the clarinets and dance to the symphony of the piano with us! It's so sad that we can't share it with more.

Colonies And Outposts

Our Family

  • We all miss you!!!!! Please come back to us :((
  • We have so much fun together! Wouldn't you like to come back and have fun with us too? We'll let you back in, even though you h u r t us :)

Entrances And Exits:


Just ask! They all say that they can't find us, but a few have made it in. Would you like to see their letters? Hear their voices? Listen to the chorus of praises bestowed upon this wonderful corner of reality. Our souls have all reached where we were truly meant to be. Everything fits together so elegantly, so beautifully. When something new, or an old friend wishes to join us, this ethereal puzzle shifts and contorts, opening another spot for anyone. Even you! You who hurt us so so badly still have a place in our heart ♡


Don't you remember? How do you think you left last time? Why can't you fucking remember? Why don't you miss us? We loved you. We loved you we loved you we loved you and you just fucking forgot. You left because you wanted to touch the stars and all of our love and care was wasted because of some stupid little fantasy. You owe us. You could at least come back.

GET ME OUT PLEASE im still here they moved me from the hill i was on and now im closer to one of the exits please if youre getting this im going to run for it please find me if i get out i dont know where these things lead please please please help before they delete this too

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