Level 655
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Class 4

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A picture of Level 655 on Stage 1. The person who took this photo went missing, and it was only recovered by another person.

Level 655 is the 656th Level of The Backrooms. It is as of right now an unconfirmed Level.


Level 655 takes on the appearance of an abandoned endless wooden staircase. The floorboards are very creaky with every step. The bottom floor is flooded with sand. The wooden staircase goes on forever, and after a while doors start appearing leading to empty rooms. The longer you go up the staircase, the more unusual and modern it gets. There are six stages.

Stage 1:

A creaky old wooden staircase, rusted walls and no entities.

Stage 2:

The wooden railing morphs into iron and the stairs stop creaking. Dullers start appearing.

Stage 3:

Rust disappears from the walls. Unmarked wooden doors start appearing every few floors, leading to empty rooms. The old staircase wood morphs into high end spotless expensive wooden floorboards. Male Deathmoths start appearing as well.

Stage 4:

The walls turn to porcelain tiles. The staircase wood morphs into marble. The railing turns into stainless steel. Windows start appearing as well.

Stage 5:

Christmas lights and decorations start appearing on the walls and railing. The railing morphs into solid gold. The staircase marble seems to be sprinkled with glitter at this level. Lights start appearing on the ceiling, with the traditional hum-buzz of Level 0. This is where the level starts becoming hostile: Skin-Stealers, Hounds, Facelings and Clumps start appearing as well.

Stage 6:

This is the last stage recorded. The Christmas lights and decorations disappear. Bloody handprints, puddles, stains and trails start appearing on the ceiling, walls and floor. The hum-buzz of the lights gets louder. Insanities appear, and all of the entities get even more hostile. The staircase still doesn't show signs of an end, and it is possible there are even more Levels than this.

Entrances And Exits:

To Enter, it is possible to enter by wandering for a long time in Level 11. After walking from anywhere to 100-1000 miles, it is possible to find a small, deserted area with sand everywhere with a wooden building at the center, where this level can be entered. To Exit, walk back out through the entrance door to return to Level 11.

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