Level 628
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This is a land of research. Without knowledge, we have nothing.
~The Changer


A rough concept sketch of The Island, featuring A Lonely Girl. Signed "Trusty".

Level 628 is the 629th Level of The Backrooms. Level 628 is a Level which is split into three different sectors, labeled as "The Desert", "The Ocean", and "The Island." Each of these sections are connected to each other, and all vary drastically through all mediums. The most notable feature of all these sectors it their periwinkle sand, as well as the time period always being night.


Level 628 is a multi-sectored Level, which has a varying level of danger throughout. Every section of the Level is interconnected to each other, and can all be accessed in their own unique way, as well as left. Every section of the Level has been secured in a different way, and are all habitable to some extent. There are exceptions to the habitability in certain sections of the Level, however, these areas are currently kept under M.E.G. control to prevent wanderers from entering. Every section of this Level is undergoing research in order to explain its strange properties.

Level 628 has been noted to have a few consistent features throughout each section. The most eye-catching feature would have to be the periwinkle sand which is present throughout the Level. This sand has been tested for any different minerals which may be present, and none have been found. It is currently unknown how this sand is able to support any life, as it doesn't appear to have any water in it. Despite this, all types of flora can be seen growing from this strange sand. The sand appears to not have always been periwinkle, which may suggest that outside forces were involved in changing the color of the sand.

Level 628 is constantly in a "night time" cycle, despite their being evidence of daytime being present throughout the Level within the flora. Stars can be seen throughout the sky, though they don't appear to be in any way connected to a sun. When viewed through any magnifying device, they appear as specks of light, suggesting that they may be under The Backrooms properties. The biggest feature within this night sky is an apparent moon being visible throughout. This moon is noted to be very large, and it is unknown if this is due to a bigger size or due to the moon being closer than it appears to be. Despite their being no apparent "sun" within this Level, the Level is quite luminescent, and darkness has never been a worry.

Level 628's three sectors are labeled after what they generally represent as a whole. The Desert is a vast expanse of periwinkle sand, filled with different areas that you would typically find within a desert. The Ocean is a vast expanse of water, filled to the brim with many mysterious aquatic Entities. Alongside the Entities, many peculiar features can be found within the life, as well as the not so living things within this area. The Island is the most mysterious part of Level 628, and is a single piece of land jolting out from The Ocean, covered in periwinkle sand and a single tree. Each of the sections are connected through various means, and all stand out wildly from each other.

Many flora and fauna on Level 628 have been noted to be vibrantly contrasting from the standard flora and fauna. For an example, many bushes within the area glow a deep shade of purple, and blend in well to the environment. The Ocean is filled with many species of coral, which all seem to follow the theme of cooler colors. The only exception to this is found on The Island, which despite having periwinkle sand, and being within the same bounds of experiencing this effect, has a single tree, which is shaded a standard color for palm trees. The reasons for this tree being this way are largely unknown, and all current attempts to learn about this have resulted in failure, due to the unique properties of The Island.

The current size of Level 628 is unknown, which is largely due to the nature of the Level itself. A common theme throughout all sectors of this Level is losing something once you lose sight of it. Whenever you leave The Island, then attempt to turn around in order to find it again, you will find yourself incapable of locating The Island once more. This theme is consistent throughout every section of this Level, and is to be considered a given.

The Desert

The Desert is a vast expanse of land, covered completely with the aforementioned periwinkle sand. This sand extends very throughout the entirety of The Desert, and appears to affect the fauna and flora in this section. The flora found throughout The Desert varies wildly, and has been noted to sometimes feature fauna and flora which are not typically found within a standard desert. This has been theorized to be due to the strange properties of the periwinkle sand located on this Level. The most common piece of fauna which can be found is a Carnegiea gigantea1, which is noted to be nova purple.

The Desert is filled with an abundance of Entities, all of which are unique to this Level exclusively. Many Entities within The Desert have yet to be documented, due largely to The Desert featuring a large amount of Entities, making documentation difficult. A common theme throughout many Entities throughout The Desert has been the coloration, which is noted to be largely either blue, purple, or periwinkle. The biology of many Entities throughout The Desert has varied, though they all appear to be mammals to some extent.

Areas within The Desert

Currently, within The Desert, there are 4 unique and documented areas. However, The Desert has been known to host many more unique types of areas. For this reason, this data is not concrete in a literal sense, and is rather what is currently understood of The Desert itself. The Desert has been known to be the most varying of the three sectors, with each section being drastically different from the last.

The Desert is largely unexplored due to the unique nature of it twisting around you. When wandering through The Desert, key landmarks are lost quite quickly. For example, walking away from The Oasis until it is out of sight, then turning around to return to The Oasis may result in you losing The Oasis altogether. This phenomena is quite common within The Desert, similar to the way it functions within The Depths of The Ocean.


Throughout The Desert, a wide variety of Entities have been spotted, however, only a few have been documented to the point of being noteworthy inclusions within the Entities listed below. Many insects can be seen, however, they tend to behave similarly to insects from The Frontrooms, with the exception of the coloration, always falling under the cooler end of the spectrum. For this reason, only Entities which have been seen as noteworthy to have a section under the Entities list are included below. The Entities of The Desert are as follows:

The Ocean

The Ocean can be found on the outskirts of The Desert, as well as surrounding The Island. The Ocean is the biggest section of Level 628, and it is currently unconfirmed to have an end. The Ocean is divided into multiple sections, both over water an under water. Within The Ocean, three separate boats can be found, named The Wooden Boat, The Periwinkle Boat, and The Presidents Boat. All water in The Ocean can be breathed in for unknown reasons, and the water seems to have no effect on the eyes.

Areas within The Ocean

The Boats:


The Island

The Island is the smallest part of Level 628, and is the hardest spot to reach within Level 628. There are no Entities on The Island, however, there has been noted to be one person on The Island occasionally. It is impossible to have more than one person on The Island, as any attempts to lead people to simply to not want to go on The Island. Any attempts to force someone onto The Island whilst one person is on The Island have been met with extreme violence from the recipient, leading them to kill others or themselves to prevent going onto The Island. There are rumors about The Islands existence, however, as it stands, none of these are confirmed. It is currently thought that no outside sources can be seen from The Island, with only The Ocean being visible.

Theories of The Island


The Desert

The Ocean

The Island

Due to the nature of The Island, there are no Groups on The Island.

Entrances and Exits

The Desert

The Ocean

The Island

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