Level 62
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Class 2

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The only picture of Level 62.

Level 62 is the 63rd level of the backrooms


This Level appears to be the backyard of an old house, it has a lot of vegetation and bushes with a blue sky; it also has a very small shed made out of wood and rusty metal. The place is surrounded by brick walls that appear to be impossible to climb since they will expand. The shed is full of old and rusty objects, like boxes of nails, broken bottles, rusty construction tools and almond water. Sometimes dog food can be found, but it is very rare. There is one small wooden fence behind the trees that can be jumped on, it will lead to a massive jungle that doesn't really look like any jungle in the world.


There aren't a lot of entities in this level, there are some Male Deathmoths and Hounds in the jungle. You can also find a brown dog with a collar that says "Sunny", it will act like a normal dog, but it will be angered easily and will not stop attacking you until you escape or die.

Entrances And Exits:

To Enter, you must find a shed in Level 37 and go inside it, look into a wall and turn back, you will be in Level 62. To Exit, you can stay into the forest for a week, you will be teleported to Level -4. You can also go inside the shed and close your eyes, you will go to a random level

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