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by SariastuffSariastuff
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memento mori


Class Hunting Grounds

  • Hostile centralized oversight
  • Imminent danger at all times
  • No safe locations

Security Status: PUBLIC

Security Protocols: All wanderers are allowed free viewing of the current documentation regarding Level 611, however, known entrances in the midst of wanderer activity hotspots (which are sparse in their own regards, but nonetheless notable) are guarded by M.E.G. and B.N.T.G. guards to prevent dangerous and unwanted entrances.

Security justification: As any wanderer has the chance to encounter one of Level 611's entrances, it is imperative that all wanderers be informed of Level 611 so that they can avoid any potentially fatal encounters. Warnings to ward off wanderers from entering Level 611 are propagated in wanderer circles with the purpose of aiding this cause.


Level 611 is a recently discovered dense network of bedraggled and filthy passageways and rooms that are reminiscent of various different architectural and aesthetical makes, examples of which include maintenance and sewer tunnels, asylums, and hospitals amongst others. The designs of the hallways share no common or consistent identifiable era, and no two architectural decorations which adorn the hallways are identical.

The only constant within Level 611 is the immense amount of unsanitary, excretory, and gory waste which is splattered on every surface of the level. Human entrails, faeces, bile, and other such substances give the level a pungent and noxious smell, as well as a slippery, membrane-like coating which makes traversing the level's innocuous-looking but deceitful terrain potentially harmful. Analysis of these substances has shown there to be no identifiable matches with any human being, alive or dead, which means that the most plausible conclusion is that these substances generated alongside the level during its initial conception.

Returning to the description of the level's architectural mode (or rather lack of it), one can easily describe the level's general make as being flimsy in design at its best, and atrociously pernicious at its worst. The level is stable for the most part, albeit, some corridors contain various forms of hazardous structural instabilities, which make some sections untraversable in a safe and appropriate manner. These misgivings in the structural department are only a fraction of the level's shoddy design however. Long-dead cables and thick, iron chains hang from the ceilings freely, obstructing the main pathways. Water pipes occasionally jut out from the floors and the walls, frequently described as being fractured beyond repair.1


A photo of one of the level's dead ends, taken in a passageway reminiscent of a sewer tunnel.

Worst of all is the tiling of the level. Despite the various different building types that Level 611 is comprised of, the level's halls are always covered by a form of tiles (most commonly made of granite and ceramic). Very few of these tiles remain intact, as the majority of them are broken, shattered, or caved in. This makes the already deadly passageways even more treacherous to go through, as the tiles are one of the major sources of non-entity (see below) related injuries reported from the level, with tripping, cutting, and more serious wounds being the main offenders in cases where such injuries were documented.

Apart from the meagre qualities which were previously mentioned, the level also possesses an esoteric layout, which has baffled all those who have tried to study it. Whilst it conforms entirely to Euclidean geometry, the passageways' formation is startling. For one, their density is alarming, mainly due to the corridors being nestled closely to one another, leaving very little wall thickness between them due to their close proximity. The corridors themselves also frequently twist and turn in right angles, with there being no straight hallway recorded to extend more than fifteen metres at a time. Lastly, as one has probably inferred by this point, the hallways have never been observed to curve or twist in any direction except for the aforementioned turns, and they also have never been seen to change elevation, leading M.E.G. archivists to believe that the level is located entirely on a single horizontal plane.

Lighting inside Level 611 is also a mystery. Candles, LED lights, fluorescent tubes, and many other light generating appliances have been observed, all in varying states of disrepair. In some areas, light is intolerably bright, whilst in others, light is entirely absent, engulfing wanderers in darkness. This inconsistency is attributed to the presumed age of the lights or damage they may have sustained through the years, but all theories remain unconfirmed for now.

One last notable quirk regarding Level 611's layout is the infrequent presence of rooms. A seldom find, they can be found solely in junctions or splits in the corridors of Level 611, oftentimes being just a few inches larger than the corridors of the level itself. They are characterized by the common (but not guaranteed) presence of rotten wooden furniture in their central point, and the rare, inexplicable appearance of fresh fruits on said furniture. No explanation has been attributed to these phenomena for the time being, so the meaning behind the presence of both the rooms and the objects inside of them remains elusive.

Entity 611-1/The Sentinel:

The previously mentioned dangers which are present in the level pale in comparison to the greatest danger within the confines of Level 611. The entire warranty for the level's alternate classification, Entity 611-1 (Colloquially referred to outside the realm of professional documentation as 'The Sentinel'), is currently the only known Backrooms-native entity to roam the Level.

As one will have most probably understood by now, the threat that it poses to life alien to Level 6112 is of a degree far greater than that of the average hostile entity. As soon as wanderers enter Level 611, the entity begins tracking them, regardless of how far it is from their current location. Upon reaching them, the entity violently slaughter the wanderer using what has been described by witness accounts as a large, metal blade fixed to chains.

Observations, recordings, and recollections from various different wanderers have observed that the entity is capable of:

  • Running at inhuman speeds at what is presumed to be its greatest potential, whilst also keeping itself from falling over despite Level 611's terrain.
  • Throwing objects of seemingly tremendous weight across great distances with relative ease and accuracy.
  • Surviving Firesalt crystal explosions of considerable size while sustaining only minor injuries.
  • Hearing wanderers across what are postulated to be tremendous distances, and (presumably) locating them based solely on said sense.
  • An unconfirmed increase in the ability of scent detection.

Detailed descriptions of the entity's appearance are everchanging and apocryphal, and since it is hazardous to even attempt to document the entity via digital media (i.e pictures, videos, etc) due to the previously mentioned abilities, these descriptions are the only means the M.E.G. has of documenting the entity's appearance without risking the lives of personnel. This has, however, not discouraged blithe wanderers from taking pictures of the entity, which has obviously resulted in traumatic experiences and unwanted deaths. Whilst the recovered media is generally of considerably poor quality due to the situation in which it was taken, they have, coupled with the descriptions, giving M.E.G. archivists a clear enough description of the entity's physical appearance and manners.


A still photo captured by a wanderer who had an encounter with the entity. Context and legitimacy are unknown, but the photo is one of the clearest which the M.E.G. has in its possession.

Entity 611-1 is a large (presumably around 2.5m (8"2) tall) humanoid entity with sickly brown skin, which is covered in festering, pattern-like wounds. Entity 611-1's face, arms, and legs are all covered in metallic armour, so an accurate description of said areas cannot be given. Its body is extremely muscular, and is oftentimes seen partially covered by a thin, soiled garment. Entity 611-1 is often described as being heard vocalizing grunts and moans in what seems to be a strained manner, which has led many to believe that its armour is causing it pain. The source of the armour is unknown, but it is theorized to have either been created by other unknown beings inside of Level 611, or to be a part of the creature itself.

An archaic text from The Lost (Who had documented both level 611 and entity 611-1 long before the M.E.G.'s first encounter with them) lists a rule of thumb which they advised fellow members to follow should they find themselves in the level, which has been documented here both for reference and relevance:

If you dare tread the demon's den, be aware that it knows its domain far more than you could ever hope to do. Be rigid and vigilant in your travel through the belly of the beast, but don't be alarmed when it decides to purge its lair.

As it currently stands, research is still ongoing as to what exactly the entity's motives may be, how it detects wanderers from such (presumably) long distances, and where it originated from. Wanderers are generally advised to avoid entering Level 611 in the first place unless they have been explicitly ordered to do so, but should they find themselves in it unwillingly, they are advised to look for an exit before the entity engages them. One can calculate how close the entity is to their location by listening for the clanging of its footsteps. The hallways of Level 611 reflect sound extremely well, so the noises the entity makes reverberate across remarkable distances.

Bases, communities, and outposts:

Due to all that has been described above, it is glaringly obvious that it is impossible to set up any form of settlement inside of Level 611.

Entrances and exits:


  • Throughout various indoor levels, particularly in those which are industrial-oriented and/or in a state of disrepair (e.g Level 3, Level 566), rusty, blood-splattered metal doors have a tendency to appear. Opening them or entering them without closing the door does not directly lead to Level 611, and leads instead to a small closet-sized area. However, if one closes the door behind them, the door will disappear, and they will find themselves in Level 611.


  • Some unstable areas have a noticeable aura to them which makes it so that they can be identified by wanderers as noclippable. The location of exit is random, but a predisposition to the previously mentioned levels has been noted.



Security Classification: PENDING

Starting from 08/03/2028 up until 27/03/2028, a series of explorations and neutralization attempts ended up revealing vital information regarding Level 611 and its native entities (see attached files).

All of you, as part of the Oversight council, are to view the following files, which have been compiled and submitted by your fellow underseer Tomas Verne. Discussion on the drafts' future security clearance and their implications will be discussed in next week's Oversight meeting.

The reading of these documents is mandatory, and those of you who do not read through these files until that date arrives will be heavily reprimanded.

- Overseer C, Andrew.

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