Level 61
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Class 4

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A Picture taken of The Train in it's Normal State.


A Picture of The Train in it's Aged State.

Level 61 is the 62nd Level of The Backrooms. It appears to be an infinite train. from the mid 2000's.


Level 61 is infinite, so crossing between cars on the train is not recommended, as you can get lost. The Train cars can have multiple junctions in them, which is not possible. The Train cars have windows, with scenery on the outside, going outside while the train is stationary, will lead you to Level 11. Once you look away from one, they can disappear, as it is completely randomly generated, so you should never leave the starting car. The starting car has the conductor of the train. He is a friendly entity and will answer some questions. If you do end up walking down the multiple cars. you can find multiple Child, and adult Facelings, that have the same effect as Level 11. If you wander in this level for a few days, the cars will seemingly turn older, the seats will become an older style, and so will the car itself, until it changes to a train built in the 1850's.

The Old Train:

When the Level enters this state, there will be more dangerous entities that will appear. You can hear loud whispering, and your sanity will drop at this point. the conductor is gone, and a new entity will appear called Camo Crawlers. These creatures are strange humanoid Monstrosities, with four arms with a grayish brown color when in a normal state. these creatures have huge pure white eyes cannot see with them, they use their hearing Senses to hunt and attack wanderers. and they can change their material and color to match with their surroundings, and they can stay perfectly still. They seem usually hunt in packs, These creatures are also very intelligent. and will help each other out if one of them are in danger themselves. To survive these creatures, you must make as little noise as possible, throwing objects near them, will distract them for a bit. These creatures are rare, and you will most likely find a Skin-Stealer, or a Hound more often.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

M.E.G. (A.k.a The "Major Explorer Group") "Team Train Wreck":

  • The Team of this group has around 3 main Members, and 21 people.
  • This team was made to explore Level 61.
  • They have set up a base close to the starter car.
  • They are not allowed to leave, Unless they're setting up a expedition, and are instructed to go back if there is any sign of the "Aged State".
  • They are open for trading, and are willing to help survivors and wanderers in need.

Entrances And Exits:

To Enter, you simply need to travel through Level 60 for a while. To Exit, Though it is not recommended, you can jump of the train while it's in motion, to wake up in Level 4. or jump off while in the "Aged State" to get to Level 10. or survive long enough in the "Aged State" to get to The Metro.

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