Level 6.3
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An attempt to photograph Level 6.3.

Level 6.3 is a sub-level of Level 6. This sub-level consists entirely of Vantablack rooms which have been rampantly consumed by The Decay.


Level 6.3 is a series of interconnected black hallways similar to Level 6 albeit the walls, floor, and ceiling are all covered in vantablack paint. It is assumed that the walls, floor, and ceiling are all made of smooth stone as its texture suggests. Any attempt to remove the paint even by a marginal amount has failed, and lights have even less of an effect compared to Level 6 due to the level's nature. Photography in the level is nearly impossible due to its design and similar nature to Level 6. There is also a phenomenon wherein those who enter cannot exit the way they came from in the level, and it is possible that the sub-level is completely randomized and actively shifts when not observed.

Unlike in Level 6, entities have not been observed in this sub-level. Smilers have not been documented to enter the area despite its prime condition for the entity. Voices may be heard from the walls, but these appear to be entirely inside the wanderer's head and partially personalized. These voices can say variations of phrases such as: "Help me", "Save us", "Look at the sky", and "Please don't leave." The variations of these are tailored to persuade any wanderer into staying in the level or into looking at the sky. The occurrence seems to be uncommon, happening only with 1 out of 8 wanderers.

The Sky:


so beautiful…

On occasion, one can find pieces of a wall or ceiling broken, which reveals an inaccessible part of the sub-level known as the sky. It appears to be a cloudy sky that is in a permanent night, with a beautiful bright full moon which does not change phase. Stars and other heavenly bodies cannot be observed in the sky due to its comforting clouds. The sky appears to be able to attract wanderers due to its elegant allure and should be given attention.

Decay Presence:

Recently, Level 6.3 appears to have been mostly consumed by The Decay, which swiftly became rampant several months after the discovery of the sub-lev

It appears… You have come to visit me?

Please, save us.

Suffer along with us, don't leave us alone in this void.

Succumb to this void, one that consumes all into nothing.

Decay is a natural state of this place… Let yourself succumb to it too.

for our sake.

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