Level 6.2
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Image taken by a wanderer before get█ing cnsme▓.

Level 6.2 is, like its parent level, a series of rooms and corridors shrouded in complete darkness. The only difference between Level 6 and Level 6.2 is the fact that Level 6.2 is dimly lit via a series of neon lights which can be found scattered randomly on the ceilings, walls, and floors of the level. The presence of these neon lights seems to eliminate, or at least diminish, all the negative properties of the baseline Level 6.

Wanderers who decide to follow the path marked by the neon lights will begin to hear a female voice encouraging them to continue onwards. The voice will prompt the wanderers to continue by offering verbal support, words of affirmation, or compliments which encourage the wanderers to continue following the trail. These should not be beli▓væd s░nc╥-

the neon loves you

the neon will protect you

follow the neon

The voice will continue to speak for as long as the wanderer continues to follow the lights. At first, there will be a considerable amount of corridors that allow you to return to Level 6, but these will decrease as you continue to walk through the Neon Maze. It is imperative tØ l╬av█-

i keep the nightmares away

just trust me

follow the neon, and i will keep you safe

Going deep enough into the labyrinth will cause certain changes in its functioning. The neon lights will become brighter, and will occasionally flash with a bright red light. This means that you are close, but it is not too late to save your sul fr░m h▓-

finally, a few steps from home

follow me, follow me, i will guide you

just cross the door

I… I think I escaped.

I prefer the darkness over… her.

She is lying to me, I know it.

But now… now I am free.

Time to go back home, with my friends, my family—

found you


This is not— I escaped— I—

time to go home, little one

please… someone help me…

your real home this time

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