Level 6
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Class 4

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A photograph of Level 6 depicting one of the Mourning Events.

Level 6 is the 7th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 6 is an expansive complex of small, pitch black, relatively barren metal rooms similar in design to a typical commercial boiler room. Throughout the level, numerous metal pipes can be found that transport heated water originating from an unknown source. Audio distortions can frequently be experienced, ranging from the rushing water growing to an extreme intensity to vocalizations of a strangely familiar voice ringing throughout the piping.

An innate property of Level 6 is the rapid loss of sanity while exploring said level, resulting in the transformation into an insanity. Due to this, there is an abnormally large population of Insanities that roam Level 6. It is unknown what the direct cause of this latent effect is.

Hallucinations of a wide variety are also prevalent within this level, ranging from loved ones to the strange false exits of Level 6. These false exits are unique in that other wanderers will share this hallucination until properly disbelieved. Another hallucination of note is the Unknown Wanderer, an indistinct male figure of average height and weight that can be found throughout the level. When a wanderer attempts to interact with this hallucination, they will gradually fade into the darkness. Reports have been made of this hallucination being found on other levels, most predominantly on Level 0, after first being witnessed on Level 6 proper.

Mourning Event:

Occasionally a sourceless dim light can be found while exploring Level 6. This light is thought to be related to anomalous incidents dubbed "Mourning Events". These events appear to be caused by the transformation of a wanderer into an Insanity while within the level, as there have been no documented cases of a Mourning Event occuring outside of Level 6. It is unknown what the significance of these events are, but suggest a deeper connection between the level and Insanities.


The entrance to Level 6 from Level 6.1.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no known Colonies or Outpost on this Level.

Entrances And Exits:


Three of the known known methods to enter Level 6 are;


Three of the known known methods to exit Level 6 are;

  • Accidentally tripping on a wire leads to Level 6.1. It is worth noting that intentionally tripping on a wire will not trigger this transportation.
  • There is a spiral staircase that takes you down to Level 7. Jumping into a puddle is rumored to also lead to Level 7.
  • Entering a hole will lead you to Level 8.

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