Level 6
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A photo of Level 6, taken by an unknown user.

Level 6 is the 7th Level of the Backrooms.

It is widely considered by most to be the most dangerous level of the Main Nine.


Level 6 has been traversed by few, and survived by fewer. Many do not set out to enter Level 6, rather stumble upon it when traveling too far into the boiler in Level 5. Only a small amount of documented information is currently available, and only 2 photographs have ever been recorded.

Level 6 is entirely devoid of all natural light. However, items that produce light such as flashlights, lighters, and lamps still give off light and can be used to investigate. Even though it's possible, not many explorers stay long enough to report notable findings. When inside of Level 6, it is impossible to come into contact with another real human.

There are extremely few living entities on Level 6. As such, all sightings of humans or even living beings are likely to be hallucinations. It is widely reported that the monsters on Level 6 are not physical, but rather a general atmosphere that "lets out the ones in your head". All who visit Level 6 alone will either become an Insanity or die within around 48 hours. All deaths on Level 6 are considered to be deaths by suicide by most authorities.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no known Colonies or Outpost on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


Travel from Level 5.


The specific method for exiting Level 6 and accessing Level 7 is unknown, however it seems just traveling through Level 6 for a prolonged period of time is the way. The only other ways are simply to turn back through the boiler once you reach the level and traveling too much to find a door which leads to Level 7. You can also trip and sometimes fall into Level 6.5.

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