Level 6
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Level 6.

Level 6 is the 7th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 6 is comprised of an indeterminate amount of hallways, made up of metallic walls and brick floors. The entirety of Level 6 is shrouded in complete darkness, and no sources of light have managed to make the Level any more visible than it currently is. Photography has almost always been a no-go in the documentation of this Level, due to its lack of sufficient lighting. It is assumed to be infinite.

It is impossible to see other people within Level 6; Due to the lack of light within Level 6, even at a close distance, two people cannot perceive one another. Several reports claim that Smilers or Facelings can appear within this Level, but these have been determined to be hallucinations or the result of noises with no explainable origin. As of right now, no Entities can be found in Level 6.

It is believed Level 6 may be able to influence one's perception of reality, resulting in symptoms of paranoia and derealization. Despite there being no known tangible threats, Level 6 is regarded by seasoned wanderers as being one of the most dangerous levels within the Backrooms. A significant portion of the wanderers that enter Level 6, do not return.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts and communities on this Level.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 6 can be accessed through the Boiler Room in Level 5.


Exploring deep enough into Level 6 can lead to Level 7. Some openings have been found that lead to Level 8. There is a chance that no-clipping in certain areas can lead to Level 6.1, but otherwise, the Level is accessible through certain rare doors.


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