Level 6
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An attempt at a hand-drawn map, seemingly documented from memory. The creator's whereabouts are unknown.

Level 6 is the 7th Level of the Backrooms.


Very little is known about the actual structure of Level 6, as the level is shrouded in total and complete darkness. No light permeates the level, and light sources brought into the level have no function. Navigation of Level 6 is carried out by feeling one's way through the darkness, which has revealed that the level is comprised of a seemingly endless series of tight hallways made of a smooth, cold material (likely concrete.)

In addition to being permanently dark, Level 6 is also eerily silent, akin to a soundproof room. To explore Level 6 is to subject oneself to a slow journey through complete darkness, total silence, and utter isolation. As such, most people who have spent more than a few minutes in Level 6 have reported feelings of paranoia, dread, anxiety, and rising tension due to the unknowable nature of what may lie in the darkness around them. Several witnesses have also reported occasional auditory hallucinations, such as scuttling sounds, breathing, or whispering. Those who have spent extended time in Level 6 recall feeling as though they were the only ones unable to see.

Level 6 is largely regarded as one of the most dangerous early levels in the Backrooms. However, investigations have shown that as of now, no entities have been found on this level. Despite this, few people seem to leave Level 6. The reason for this is unknown.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

The World's Quietest Room:

An outpost only rumoured to exist, the World's Quietest Room is supposedly an unspecified hallway in Level 6 occupied by a single person who claims to have discovered a light switch. Any attempts to talk to this person have been unsuccessful, as they continuously beg any onlookers to flip the switch. Any wanderers who discover this outpost, if it exists, are advised not to flip the light switch.


A community of around four people who claim to have adapted to Level 6's darkness. Each of these four unknown individuals has proven to be able to mimic any sound they hear perfectly, including voices. This community is to be avoided as much as possible; they have become aware of the threat they pose.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 6 can be accessed through the Boiler Room in Level 5. Another entrance is near Base Omega in Level 4. Any other entrances have yet to be discovered. Explorers are advised to use the Boiler Room as a base of operations and to make frequent return missions.


Exploring deep enough into Level 6 can lead to a stairwell down to Level 7. The easiest way to find this stairwell is to listen for the faint sound of waves. Taking a wrong turn at an indeterminate point in the level may block off access to Level 7 and, indeed, the entrance back to Level 5. Finding a rare, large metal door that feels extremely cold will lead to Level 129. Additionally, accidently tripping over a wire can lead to Level 6.1.


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