Level 6
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A photo of Level 6, taken by an unknown user. This image depicts one of the "Mourning Events."

Level 6 is the 7th Level of the Backrooms.

It is widely considered by most to be the most dangerous level of the Main Nine, due to its prominent psychological effect the level has on wanderers.


Level 6 has been explored by many, however some did not survive this level due to the high danger of it. From what information is available, Level 6 is a complex of small metal rooms that are completely empty. There are wires and pipes that line the ceiling, walls, and floor, and these are easy to trip on due to being in complete darkness.

The ambience of this level is thought to originate from the rushing water moving through the series of pipes present on Level 6. When wanderers have been present on Level 6 for an extended period of time, they have described hearing "groaning and roaring," as well as the noises of numerous Insanities wandering aimlessly around this level.

It is recommended you bring a large quantity of Almond Water if you were to explore Level 6 due to the imminent psychological effects it has on those who enter. The combination of it being completely pitch black as well as the lack of human interaction make it extremely easy to go insane on this level, making those that do into an Insanity. It is theorized that Level 6 has the additional effect of accelerating the process of becoming an Insanity.

Besides the occasional Insanity, Level 6 is completely devoid of any additional life. Experiments have shown that even when two wanderers have been placed at the same point within the level, they will be unable to interact with each other. It is theorized that Level 6 is a collection of infinite, duplicated sub-layers of a singular "true" level, and each wanderer that enters Level 6 is placed on an uninhabited layer. The presence of Insanities is explained by the postulate that once a wanderer becomes an Insanity, they are transported to the true Level 6 and are subsequently duplicated on all sub-layers. If you were to see an entity other than an Insanity, it is most likely a hallucination caused by the innate effect of this level.

Due to the immense psychological influence that Level 6 has on wanderers, you may begin to see or hear entities that are not actually present; you may begin seeing entities such as Smilers or Hounds. These effects contribute to the growing number of Insanities that Wanderers face when entering this level.

Mourning Event:

Periodically, there is a dim light that will appear throughout the level. This event is visible to all wanderers within Level 6. If you were to follow this light, it will continuously move away from you.

This event is theorized to correlate with the death of any wanderer within Level 6, and appears after any Wanderer perishes while within Level 6. The light will remain on this level for 30 minutes following the most recent death of a wanderer.

Event Log 4/6/2013:


The entrance to Level 6 from Level 6.1.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no known Colonies or Outpost on this Level.

Entrances And Exits:


There are three known methods to enter Level 6.

  • There is a rusty metal door on Level 6.1 that will lead you into Level 6. However, it is under constant supervision by The M.E.G. and entering through this method is deterred.
  • Going deep into the Boiler Room of Level 5 will cause you to enter Level 6.
  • On Level 1, there are entities known as Holes in the Wall. If you get too close to one, it will grab and drag you into Level 6.


There are three known methods to exit Level 6.

  • If you accidentally trip on a wire, you will fall into Level 6.1.
  • If you jump through a puddle, you will reach Level 7.
  • Falling down a hole will lead you to Level 8.

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