Level 598
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Class 5

  • Unsafe
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Low Entity Count

A photo taken in the explored area of Level 598 which contains glass with many white impurities. Although there are more beautiful areas throughout the whole level, they possess a higher risk.


Level 598 is a massive tunnel-like structure composed of glass. The floor of this level is incredibly thin and delicate, putting wanderers at risk of falling and being pierced by glass if they step on it.

The level has an unstable light source cycle, and there have been reports of the coexistence of dozens of light sources. The distance and orientation of the light sources frequently change instantly, and the luminance can occasionally be as bright as the simultaneous illumination of dozens of suns. Besides, the glass of Level 598 is not just composed of a single ingredient. Boron, lead, barium, uranium, and other elements are detected in the glass samples. The light is randomly scattered and focused due to the intermixing of glass with different refractive indices, rendering visual observation useless. Such lighting conditions often cause wanderers to break the fragile floor and fall into the abyss. Therefore, this level is known as "Kaleidoscopic Purgatory", a deadly light show to wanderers.

Light and fragile floor are not the only threats wanderers will encounter in this level. Additionally, the silica dust in the air harms wanderers' respiratory systems over time, and those who don't wear safety gear frequently inhale enough dust to develop pneumoconiosis before leaving the level.

Due to the high complexity and exploration difficulty of this level, its exact size is still unknown. The explored area, which only counts a single flat surface and excludes other known cave paths, is estimated to be no less than 20,000 square kilometers.

Ambassadors and Servants frequently appear in this level, whose physical characteristics prevent them from being affected by the silica dust and the chaotic light. After entering this level, many wanderers often have become Servants when they are witnessed next time. They are the most dangerous entities in this level due to their collective actions. The M.E.G. Outpost "Glass World" attempted to complete the Beacon Project in 2015, which was similar to the earlier work on outlining the routes for public transportation in Level 8, but due to the destruction caused by Ambassadors and Servants, the lack of necessary resources, and the extreme environmental hazards in this level, the project was abandoned due to significant casualties and material waste. All wanderers entering this level should not believe any beacons and signs appearing in this level, as a portion of the beacon system has been modified by Ambassadors and Servants to guide wanderers into their nests and traps.

Besides, do not trust any orb-like entities that resemble the Light Guides in this level. Although there are Light Guides in this level and some wanderers have been guided to the level keys, Light Twitches, infinitesimal points similar to Light Guides, can tempt wanderers from a distance to approach, leading them to a worse situation. Light Twitches resemble Light Guides in appearance, but unlike Light Guides, they do not help wanderers avoid danger; rather, when a wanderer approaches, they will suddenly burst flash, making them completely blind.

This level is an essential part of the LPS (Level Positioning System) in the Backrooms as the Level Key is much more prevalent here than it is in other levels. However, due to the environmental hazards, wanderers are still recommended to avoid no-clipping into or entering this level, unless it is necessary for them to obtain level keys, or they ensure there are trustworthy partners with them. If you enter this level unintentionally or accidentally, please keep in mind that you should no-clip into natural products in the level that are not made of glass. For example, no-clipping into water will send one to a water-based level such as Level 7 and Level 37, and finding an abandoned bus or an abandoned subway carriage and falling asleep in it will send one to Level 399 and level-903 respectively.

Bases, Communities and Outposts

Ambassadors & Servants

  • They will catch wanderers and turn them into a member of Servants.
  • Quantity unknown.

The M.E.G. Outpost "Glass World"

  • Abandoned in 2015.
  • Used to have 23 members (only one survives now).
  • This outpost has become a trap. Don't believe any sign pointing to this outpost.

Entrances And Exits

  • Entering buildings resemble glass pyramids in Level 11.3 will lead to Level 598.1
  • No-clipping into a certain mirror in the Mirror Room will send one to Level 598.
  • One can find some large glass cube in the Twilight Zone of Level 7; no-clipping into them will send one to Level 598.
  • No-clipping into a wall made of pure glass in Level 696 will send one to Level 598.
  • No-clipping into an abandoned shipwreck in Level 711 will send one to Level 598.
  • More entrances are yet to be explored.
  • No-clipping into water will send one to a water-based level such as Level 7 and Level 37.
  • Following a building flashing red light, one will enter Level 11.3.
  • No-clipping into an abandoned shipwreck in the level will send one to Level 711.
  • No-clipping into the Gallium ores in the level will send one to Level 75.
  • No-clipping into a transparent blue glass block will send one to the Blue Channel.
  • Finding turquoise in the level and no-clipping into it will send one to the Turquoise Zone of Level 197. This indicates that no-clipping into amethyst, ruby or onyx in the level may send one to other three areas of Level 197, but no relevant success record has been logged into the database.
  • If the light source presents verdant color resembling an aurora, no-clipping in the level will send one to Level 260.
  • Finding an abandoned bus or an abandoned subway carriage then falling asleep in it will send one to Level 399 and level-903 respectively.
  • More exits are yet to be explored.

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