Level 59
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Class 5

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One of the pictures of Level 59, originally found from a broken camera in the level.

Level 59 is the 60th level of the Backrooms, and considered to be very dangerous. It was first discovered by a small group of backrooms explorers, some of which perished within this level.


Level 59 is an endless underground railway system. There are two sections to it: The Subway and The Tunnels. The Subway takes the appearance of the London Underground, and is mostly used to link up between different railways, just like a normal subway would do. There are 11 different lines, all differentiated with different colours. Along those lines are also 3 other lines that are actually a different level, Level 72 but are just mentioned in this level. In The Subway, there is frequently a strong gust of wind that hits the explorer, most likely from The Tunnels, and the walls are white, with some advertising posters. The posters themselves do not contain comprehensible text. Large staircases that go up to 200 steps can also be found in The Subway. The Subway is regarded to be safer than The Tunnels because there aren't as many entities, but there are the occasional Hounds, Death Rats, Clickers, and Facelings. The Tunnels is the other part of Level 59 that can be accessed by going to any station in the Subway. In the tunnels, there is a neverending smell of corroded metal, and occasionally, sounds of moving trains, even though trains are not seen in this level at all. The Tunnels are infested with entities like Skin Stealers, Smilers, Hounds and Crawlers. Level 59 does not have any supplies, and it is very possible to go insane in.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts, or communities on this level.

The Map

Backrooms explorers who have escaped from Level 59 have claimed they have escaped thanks to "The Map". The Map is supposedly all of Level 59, with all the railways differentiated with colours. No one understood how exactly they used the map to escape, so research is underway. The Map can be found in random benches on stations of Level 59.

Entrances And Exits:


To enter, it is possible to noclip through the floor in Level 6, but the most common entrances to the level are to enter a pale door in Level 87 or go down a subway in Level 11.


To exit, use the map to find your way to a station that leads back to Level 11 or find your way to any station of the 3 non-Level 59 lines that lead to Level 72.

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