Level 588


The border zone.


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An independent struct in Level 588.


Level 588 is generally regarded as an extremely large piece of immaculate land. The sky is always pink-violet, with the solar angle, the tint of sunlight, and brightness the same as the sunset in the Frontrooms. The land is flat with differences in height usually less than a meter, making the landscape look like a desert. However, the floor of Level 588 is unexpectedly smooth and clean with no visible defects or stains, as if modeled by computers. All attempts to leave traces on the floor have failed. Moreover, its feel is often described as inexplicable, and it is difficult to match it with any material in the Frontrooms.

Ankle-length plants of vast diversity sprout from the floor in some areas of Level 588. Just like the rest of the level, they are indestructible. Additionally, all of them are lavender colored with zero exceptions. Typically, one or two tall trees with pink-violet-colored leaves can be spotted next to some structs (see below). Trees are usually very noticeable in their surroundings and often give people a sense of beauty.

Wanderers are isolated in Level 588; no one can encounter other wanderers or entities.

The level is extremely quiet as a result of its unique structure and isolating features. When wanderers move in this level, the only sound they can hear is made by themselves. It is believed that the sound made by objects hitting the ground will make wanderers feel comfortable and pleasant. The reason this effect occurs, like other mysteries in the level, is unknown.


Level 588 has several instances of buildings known as structs. Some of these buildings take on the appearance of houses, and while others can only be described as structures with unclear design concepts. They are made entirely out of the same material as the level's floor and seem to have their bases fused with the ground. The walls of these structs are usually filled with holes of different sizes. Some holes are similar to windows, while others act as porches, connecting the rooms in a staggered manner. Additionally, the light seems to distort in the structs, and can spontaneously turn and pass through the holes, ensuring that every room can bask in the glow of the sunset.


An independent struct in Level 588.

The structs that act as houses have scattered furniture inside, such as cradles, deck chairs, and carpets, all of which are of different sizes. The largest piece of furniture observed at present is larger than a room and is stuck in a wall in a glitched state. Their disparate designs do not seem to be fit for human beings. Different from their superficialities, the density of the materials that make up these objects is extremely low. Wanderers who have had contact with these objects all describe them as "unnaturally light", and feeling similar to what they felt when picking up pebbles or branches in their childhood. Despite this, they show the same indestructible characteristics as the floor and the material of the structs. Besides these houses, the functions of other structs are considered incomprehensible.

Among the structs, two common designs are pools and silk curtains. The common feature of the pools is tiled walls and water with almost no impurities. The water temperature is always kept within the range suitable for the human body, and the depth is often only above the head. Wanderers have reported that entering the water made them feel lonely, still, and feeble without exception. This is thought to be because of the strong contrast between the loud splash of the water and the disconcerting quietness.

During the M.E.G.'s latest UAV flight, the UAV captured a huge struct whose form is similar to a pyramid with a height of tens of meters. Strangely enough, the top of the "pyramid" will gather (or generate, in another theory) gas unnaturally. At the top of the pyramid lays a strange pink bed, which is completely illogical. The exploration of this struct and this bed has not yet begun.


A frame in the video taken by the UAV.

The Border Zone

The land in Level 588 is surrounded by a sea. The further wanderers voyage away from the land, the dimmer the sky will appear. For safety reasons, the M.E.G. does not recommend any wanderer cross the sea. Due to the lack of exploration, the approximate area of the sea and what's across the sea is still unclear.

Unlike seas generally observed by human beings, the light index of the sea in this level is always near the standard of the shallow sea, and the only visible light source is the light refracted from this sea in front of one's sight. Therefore, it is extremely difficult or even impractical to find a way through the sea. At present, the only thing known about the sea is that the seafloor and the land are seamlessly connected texturally.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

Due to Level 588's isolation effect and poor resources, it is impossible to establish any settlement here. However, if wanderers want to take a tour, this level is an excellent scenic spot for those who like to explore alone and free their minds in a place insulated from danger and full of impossible landscapes that seem to be seen only in dreams. The only caveat is that this level is not suitable for long stays. The extremely quiet environment may cause psychological pressure on wanderers. However, if the conditions are sufficient, it is a good choice for wanderers to take their own pets (such as dogs, cats, or dunks).


The coast of Level 588.

Entrances And Exits


  • In many levels with deserts (such as Level 46, Level 169 and Level 440), it is possible to find a mirror inserted in the ground which reflects the light pink sunset in Level 588. If one tries to no-clip into this mirror, they will end up in this level. It should be noted that since the mirror usually has a certain degree of damage, and there is no medical equipment in the level, wanderers should pay attention not to be scratched by fragments when trying to no-clip. It is not recommended to use this entrance without some experience or knowledge of no-clipping.
  • In ocean or pool levels (such as Level 180, Level 422 and Level 130), when voyaging in one direction, one may find that the sun is gradually becoming similar to the sunset, and that the sky is slowly becoming pink-violet. If one keeps going in that direction, they will find the land of Level 588 or enter a corridor in it filled with water.
  • By sitting and meditating in Level 371 until all external sound has been isolated, one will end up on a bed along the coast of Level 588.


  • No-clipping into the structs has a small chance to lead to Level 48.
  • If one bathes in a pool for too long, they will enter Level 37 after their sight leaves the coast.
  • If one travels long enough in the level, they may find a volcano. Approaching it will lead to Level 42.
  • By traveling in the sea for a long time, one may no-clip out of the level, but the destination is still unknown.


The center zone.

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