Level 58
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Level 58's ruins, taken by Instagram user @Matschladen.

Level 58 is the 59th Level of The Backrooms. It is an abandoned waterpark that contains tropical trees that bear a strange fruit. the level also contains many primitive machines that are used to process the fruit. Strangely enough, a tribe of Homo neanderthalensis resides here.


Level 58 is an arid, abandoned indoor waterpark with thousands of trees sprouting in many random areas. These trees are very tropical, and can be compared to typical palms across Earth's equator. There are a variety of tools used to harvest these trees, including axes, juicers, roasters, and knives. The tribe which resides on this Level use these tools to eat and juice these mysterious fruit. The consumption of a juiced or roasted fruit has effects very comparable to Almond Water and based off the many bottles in the area, it can be assumed that there may be a correlation between this Level and Almond Water. It is unknown how the water is distributed through Levels though.

The waterpark itself is extremely rusted and old, as if it was present for longer than many of the other levels, however, this is impossible to prove. Much of the park is dysfunctional, although, one slide is in working order despite its extreme rust and leakiness. Sliding down this slide leads to Level 58.1, an extremely bizarre "dark side". Do not enter this slide.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The Tribe of Level 58

The tribe of Level 58 is a primitive tribe of Neanderthals which inhabit the level. They frequently rely on the fruit bearing trees which provide nutrition, water, and wood for shelter. They are typically friendly to outsiders unless provoked or seen as threatening. It is advised to approach slowly as to not startle them. In the few instances which they have felt threatened, the tribe typically swarms and beats an opponent to death, and proceed to eat them soon after.

Entrances And Exits:


This level can be accessed by means of entering a pool of clear water on Level 66. This method is not recommended, as it is not proven to work 100% of the time.


This level can be exited through sliding down one of the non-functioning waterslides. These slides all lead to Level 43. Using the functioning one leads to Level 58.1.

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