Level 57
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One of The Artist's paintings, comparable to Level 3.

Level 57 is the 58th Level of the Backrooms. It appears to be a sprawling art gallery.


Level 57 is composed of two sections, hereby referred to as The Studio and the Gallery respectively.

The first part of Level 57, The Gallery, bears the appearance of a typical western art gallery, however it appears noticeably empty: filled only with paintings of the Backrooms. These paintings vary in scope and style, and have even taken the form of complex floor plans. Despite these rare disparities, the majority of The Gallery's paintings are stylized perspectives of various Backrooms locations. One painting has been found, though, that appears to be a detailed floor plan of Level 57 itself, although it is messy and disorganized. Despite it's non-uniform nature, it is believed that this floor plan is valid and can be consulted for navigation purposes, proving that Level 57 possesses a comprehensible, non-random layout. The Artist can be seen updating the map every so often. Touching these paintings is impossible, due to a mental barrier imposed by the Level, compelling Wanderers not to handle the paintings. According to M.E.G. records, nobody has been able to resist this effect.

The Studio can be accessed via a set of double doors that may occasionally appear within The Gallery. It is not considered exceedingly difficult to find them, but an extensive search is usually required, as the double doors seem to avoid Wanderers naturally. The Studio is a large area filled with art supplies and work-in-progress paintings. The layout and contents of The Studio seem to change when no Wanderers are present inside, however there will always be an established, set-apart area for The Artist to work. While The Gallery is filled with portraits of the Backrooms, paintings within The Studio seem to represent objects, places and people within The Frontrooms.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases or outposts on this level.

The Artist

The Artist is a passive, friendly Entity, bearing the appearance of a young woman of average height, long, brown hair, and eyes possessing an indeterminable color. The Artist does not leave The Studio unless she is installing a new painting within The Gallery. Despite the many images depicting the Backrooms painted by The Artist, she appears to possess no knowledge of the Backrooms, and may frequently forget about her location when informed. The Artist is the only Entity which can fully understand Level 57's floor plan, but she refuses to disperse any information concerning it, claiming such knowledge is a "trade secret".

Entrances And Exits:


Level 57 can be accessed either via no-clipping through a painting in Level 0, or by opening and passing through a regal doorway in Level 21. Attempting to move a painting depicting an upset clown in Level 283 will also transport Wanderers to Level 57.


It is possible to ask The Artist for directions toward an Exit, which will lead toward a locked door at one of The Studio's extremes. This door can be unlocked by The Artist per request, opening a gateway into Level 21. It is also possible to Exit via no-clipping through a painting in The Gallery, which will lead to the Level depicted in said painting. It is ill-advised to no-clip through paintings that do not depict the Backrooms, as your destination will be chosen randomly.

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