Level 563
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An image of a never ending road in Level 563.

Level 563 is the 564th Level of The Backrooms.


Level 563 takes the appearance of a never ending road with trees, rocks, and other natural items on the side. This level does not follow the usual day and night cycle; instead, it's in a constant state of daytime. Additionally, it's known for many different types of items such as lighters, ammunition, Almond Water, smartphones and other valuables.

After a wanderer walks approximately 25 miles, one can see skyscrapers in the distance, usually leaning on the left. Walking up to these skyscrapers will take you to Level 11.

If a wanderer walks roughly 50 miles in, they can find abandoned factories. The factories themselves are very old and made of rusty metal. Usually are empty and contain nothing in them. There is a very rare chance that the factory can be in good condition and have useful items in it.

At the 75 mile point, the ground starts to become more wet. Some strange green liquid can be extracted from the ground at this point. The weird liquid is not safe to drink. The factories a wanderer would find will all disappear mysteriously.

After reaching the 100 mile point, wanderers can encounter a dense fog that makes it near impossible to travel deeper into the level. Anything beyond this point is undocumented and unknown. Currently, The M.E.G. is undertaking efforts to construct an iron fence to prevent anyone from going further in.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

M.E.G. outpost (Forest Traders)

  • Around 15 people
  • Open to trade
  • Are very friendly and willing to give help to anyone in need

Additional information

The Endless Field

The Endless Field can be accessed by going to your left and wandering away from the road. After you enter the Endless Field, it's impossible to get back to the main road. A wanderer must then walk 100 miles until they end up in Level 10. The field has a strange property where the grass can dry out and start a drought. This might seem harmless but it can dry your eyes if you aren't careful.

The Factories

The Factories can be found after wandering in the Level for 50 miles. They are very old and made of rusty metal. They are also empty and contain nothing in them. There is a very small chance that the factory can be in good condition and have useful items in it. They never unleash smoke out of their pipes on the top.

Entrances And Exits:


No-clipping into a cold tree on Level 220 can lead here.


Walking towards a city leads to Level 11. Walking 100 miles in The Endless Field leads to Level 10. Rarely, huts can be found in this level. Going inside will lead to Level 280.

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