Level 56
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Class 4

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A picture of one of Level 56's many machines.

Level 56 is the 57th Level of the Backrooms. It is very well-lit with fluorescent lights. It seems to be a factory which uses human corpses to create various products. It was discovered by u/TheHolyPepperoni. They claim to have no idea how they arrived, however, they do know that they fell asleep on Level 4.

Almond Water is necessary to survive in this level.


This level is composed of several intricate machines which produce florescent lights, wallpaper, concrete, glass, and other products that seem to fill The Backrooms. These machines turn deceased human bodies into these products. The means by which the machines do this are completely unknown, especially considering that these items work completely normally. The sight of this manufacturing often has a severe effect on one's thoughts, so Almond Water is invaluable on this level.


Another picture of one of the machines.

This area is guarded by what seem to be armed and trained Wretches which, confusingly enough, only attack when approached. This proves that Wretches can be "tamed", but the process to do so is not known. These Wretches line the perimeter of all machines in a uniform line facing away from it.

According to u/TheHolyPepperoni, there is an area with a door labeled "Material Storage". They didn't have the stomach to enter, however, it can be assumed that the bodies are stored there.

The production machines are very large and complex, and the only comprehendible thing on them is the input, where bodies slowly descend into the machine, and the output, where products exit the machine. Each machine is specialized for one product, although there are multiple machines producing the same items.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

The Overseer

The Overseer is a humanoid entity which is assumed to be the owner of the production facility. Nothing is known about them except that they watch over the entire factory from a frosted window. There are many frosted windows across the entire facility, however, it is known that there is only one Overseer despite the fact that they seem to be in every single window at once.

One anonymous user claimed they were "going to throw (their) Almond Water bottle at the window to see what happens". The user mysteriously disappeared afterward. It can be inferred that they may have been turned into a worker, albeit this is unbacked by evidence.

Entrances And Exits:


There is no known way to get to this level for now, but there may be a link somewhere in Level 4.


U/TheHolyPepperoni stated that this level can be left by "either throwing yourself into one of the machines and dying", or "going out of one of the few and far between but convenient 'Exit' signs which lead to Level 3."

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