Level 556
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A long hallway in Level 556.

Level 556 is the 557th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 556 appears to be some kind of abandoned office space, likely a school or corporate building. The hallways are lined with doors that lead into empty rooms, or other hallways. The walls of this Level are brittle, and can easily be broken with a crowbar, or any other heavy object. Behind most of the walls are closed off rooms furnished with cabinets and mischances office supplies. These rooms are designed to be used by people, despite being inaccessible to someone without the means to break down walls.

There appears to be two floors on Level 556. The first, as mentioned previously, contains long hallways and destructible walls. The second floor is currently inaccessible, the floor of which seems to be pipes and other ventilation machinery. Frantic footsteps can be heard moving quickly across from above. It is possible to encounter Clumps hanging from the ceiling, though this is exceedingly rare. Small drones that have been sent through holes in the ceiling found nothing occupying the second floor. When the drone turned on its flashlight, connection was lost.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Those Above

What is assumed to be a community of wanderers make refuge in the upper floor of Level 556. Attempts to reach the upper floor of Level 556 have been made, but have yielded no results. Fifteen wanderers are estimated to live here. Communication is difficult, but not impossible. They appear to have a simple system of knocks, where:

  • One knock = Yes
  • Two knocks = No
  • Three knocks = Hello/Goodbye

Update: As of March 29th, 2020, the community known as "Those Above" has been deemed eradicated.

Entrances And Exits:


The Level Key for Level 556 can be obtained upon request from Sr. Operative Vincent, from M.E.G. Base Omega in Level 4. It can also be accessed from The Hub


No-clipping is the only reliable way to leave this Level.

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