Level 54
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Level 54 is the 55th Level of The Backrooms, and is an Infinite Stairwell, that goes on for miles in a spiral.



One of the many photos of Level 54.

Level 54 is a stairwell that flows down in a spiral pattern. The staircase itself is many levels deep and is assumed to be infinite. The walls of this Level are a light blue in color, old and peeling. Mold covers some parts of the walls and the temperatures of the Level make the area very damp. Water drips from the cracks of the walls and ceiling which seems to increase the dampness of the Level. The air of this Level has a scent of rotting wood and a lot of dust, and thick layers of dust also seem to coat the floors. The steps are wooden and rotten and have creaky metallic foundations holding the structure up in place. A landmark can be found in the stairway which seems to be a blue floating orb. This orb emits the sound of an ocean, while emitting sparkles and water drops. Near this area is an oddity which seems to be a crashed train in the wall. Enter it to be transported to Level 61.

Level 54 has doors on either side that can lead to other Levels, a hallway or to another area of the stairwell. The halls in question seem to be within the same building, with doors on either side and one at the end of the hall that leads back to the stairs. The hall has the same light blue rotting wallpaper as the stairwell, with a wooden panel floor. This area is also damp, and has a mold scent throughout the hall.

The rooms in the halls are mostly empty. Usually the rooms will have wooden chairs lying around, or wooden tables all in horrible condition. Few rooms have a window, although some may be Entity 2, some are safe and show a deep blue ocean with the room itself usually glowing a deep blue from this effect. Rarely a room can be filled with water, but the water seems to stay still when the door is opened. When inside a room, you'll feel lonely even if there are others around you. Rarely you will be able to hear old boat noises, and slight whispers. The source of these noises are unknown.

The Entities in Level 54 are very scarce and are rare to find. You can find your casual Smilers, Hounds and Skin-Stealers, although these are rare and only few have been seen. One prominent Entity is the Camo Crawler but there are two (2) special Entities that can spawn. This Level is the first discovery of an Entity known as the Sky-Fish. Large salmon-like creatures that seem to float and swim in the air. The second is known as Crustors. Large crab-humanoid beings with large claws as hands. The Crustors is another prominent Entity with Camo Crawlers as they always attack each other when spotted. Similar to the Camo Crawler's discovery, Crustors started to appear on other Levels with water-like areas.

Entrances And Exits:


To Enter, you must find and enter the stairs entrance in Level 42. Or find one of the hallways in Level 17.


To Exit, enter one of the unlocked doors that can lead to Level 1, Level 4, Level 5, Level 9, Level 17, Level 21, Level 34, Level 43, Level 58, and Level 280. Some more exits can be found by finding an old dusty store sign on the floor of a room that will lead to Level 33 once touched. You can enter Level 61 by entering the crashed train in the wall at the stairway landmark.

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