Level 53
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A photo of Level 53.

Level 53 is the 54th Level of The Backrooms.


Level 53 Is a normal house that houses supplies, It is one of the smallest Level in The Backrooms, With A basement that restocks every hour, There are Facelings that have the effect as Level 11, Allen says it's the only company that he had for awhile until people discovered the Level. the food in the refrigerator is safe to eat, and the water is safe if you use the filter pitcher in the fridge, and is surprisingly not Almond Water. This Level has WiFi, although it is good but not perfect like other Levels, Allen Complains about how he needed to buy new cable before the 'event'.

Colonies And Outposts:

"The Alone"

This man named "Allen" Is a owner of a supposed resident of the house before it got No-Clipped to The Backrooms, he lives here , as he considers the house as his Outpost, and is open for Trading, and can cook the best steak in the backrooms. He will sometimes mention an 'Event' that happened, but he will not elaborate on it, and will change the subject.

Entrances And Exits:

You can enter through a random house in Level 9 and you have a chance of getting to Level 53 . Or Leaving Level 52 through the Office. To Exit, you just go through the front door.

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