Level 52
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Class 1

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A photo of The Halls in it's normal state.


A photo of The Halls in it's 'Light's out' state.


A photo of the Class Rooms.


A photo of the Principal's Office after The Fun War.

Level 52 is the 53rd Level of the Backrooms. This Level seems to be a 100 Mile High School Hallway with classrooms on both sides.


Level 52 is a 100 Mile school hallway that has lockers on both sides, cameras are spotted here and there is a surveillance room. Don't let the door that you can just barely see at the end fool you because that just leads to another hallway. After 30 miles away from the entrance point you will start hearing teens and teachers in the classrooms, you can enter the classrooms and they contain supplies like soda, chips, Almond Water and school essentials. At 50 miles in the halls lights will be off and you get a sense of unease feeling like somebody is watching you. The main reason of this feeling is unknown and make sure to watch your back or come with more people like a group of 5 people at least. The only known entities found here are known as teachers and The Principal. The Principal is a male person with regular facial features and is not hostile or ever is but can be angered. If angered he will drag you to the Principal's Office and lecture you but will not attack you, he will call "Your mother" and send you back to class or leave you in the hall. The classroom is a normal classroom and has windows, the blinds will be stuck shut and there will always be a teacher and students in the classroom. They are not hostile and also have facial features and are willing to trade snacks and things for more valuable items.


The only Known Entities to wander this Level are The Principal, Teachers and Students.

The Fun War

The Fun War was an Event that took place on Level 52 when on September 6-7, 2020 the now extinct Partypoopers decided to break bonds with the Partygoers and revolt on them to stop their parties. For further support, the Partygoers decided to recruit Explorers, claiming that explorers who will help them will get to leave the Backrooms. Because of this, many explorers decided to get into Level Fun, for a desire to leave the Backrooms. That night the Battles begun, and the following morning the Partygoers claimed that they won The Fun War, and only one human lost their life on their side during the war. The humans never left the Backrooms Due to the events of the war, the Students, Teachers, and The Principal started to show signs of PTSD, because of the violence they saw during the Night of the battles.

Entrances And Exits:

The only entrances is through a Brown bricked building saying M. David High School in Level 11 or imagining a high school in Level 18. To exit you must take it to the Main office. The exit will take you to Level 53.

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