Level 52
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Picture of Level 52.


Level 52 is a large cavern with no known physical entrance or exit, with several smaller tunnels branching from its centre. It too vast to be accurately measured, but thus far it has been estimated at around 200 thousand square feet. The cavern is composed of various types of rocks, depending on the area, including but not limited to: limestone, dolomite, gypsum, marble, slate, and granite. There are some precious metals and crystals within Level 52, but they are rare and limited. This makes them very valuable to traders and is the main source of attraction for wanderers to enter this level. Among these minerals are gold, quartz, diamond, platinum, and silver. The limited size of this level makes it able to be explored efficiently, albeit somewhat slowly due to its imposing size.

Level 52 appears to be one of the most ancient places in The Backrooms. Neanderthals from the middle of the Pleistocene Epoch used to and still may inhabit the level, as evidenced by primitive writings on the walls, occasional grunts coming from further down the cave (though this is less damning evidence), and Neanderthals' skeletons. If they do exist, they avoid people at all times, hiding in the nooks and crannies of the caves. It is not known for sure how they could have survived this long, but it seems as though they have evolved and adapted to the unique features of the level.

There are torches set around the cavern that provide a moderate glow, though they are distanced quite a bit, meaning that there are quite a few corners and passageways that may be completely unlit. These torches do not extinguish or burn away. Any attempts to do so have failed. The intermittent lighting allows smilers to nestle their way into any nook and cranny they can. Other common entities, such as facelings, wretches, hounds, etc., have been found here. These entities, however, are not exactly like their present-day counterparts; they have developed some different features that have allowed them to adapt to the environment of Level 52. Hounds use echolocation — they have extremely sensitive hearing — and wretches and facelings are slightly "off", acting more passive, simply staring down any passersby. These entities are not fully documented and should be avoided.

This level is odd in more ways than one. There is a constant, odd sense of something watching you. It can intensely wear on the mind if you inhabit the level for too long; this may have something to do with the strange behaviour of the entities and whatever the source of the grunting is. Occasional footsteps can be heard without any known source. Shadows cast by the air. A grainy static has been described as building in your head the longer you roam. Keep almond water with you at all times.

Entrances and Exits:


Level 52 can be entered via no-clipping into a large rock in the middle of Level 445. This level can also be accessed through Level 2.1 by method of no-clip.


Level 52 can rarely be exited through tight tunnels found around the cavern. These small tunnels have writings in them that indicate which levels they lead to; e.g., for Level 11, they'll display city builds of some sort alongside some indecipherable ancient text. Some tunnels are mislabelled and can lead to random places.

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