Level 515

Level 515 - Saturn V

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Level 515 is the 516th level of the Backrooms. The level is a replica of Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida, specifically the launch pad designated 39B.


Level 515 is mainly composed of its feature structure, Launch Pad 39B. Cement pathways 100` wide extend for an unknown distance in the four cardinal directions, and all four are perfectly aligned with one side of the launch pad. Upon Launch Pad 39B sits the Saturn V rocket, in pristine condition.

The Saturn V represented in this level makes unnatural whirring noises and random clicks, similar to that of gears. Currently, it's unknown why this happens, but some have posited that there are extra components in this rendition of the rocket than the original. When approaching the rocket, a loudspeaker will softly greet wanderers, saying, "Welcome to Launch Pad 39B. Please be cautious of any moving machinery, as any parts can cause harm if interacted with. Enjoy your stay."


Wanderers can access the platform by two large ladders posted on all sides of the structure. While gaining access to the pad there is a high chance that it will be moving, and wanderers are advised to quickly grab onto the ladder and climb for stability. The pad will not stop moving or recognize any obstacles put in its way, and if wanderers stand in front of the large treads they will be crushed under the weight of the structure.

When one stands under the rocket, an unbearable level of heat will soon overwhelm them. Some wanderers have stated that, "the heat felt like you were right beside a lake of lava," after leaving the area. It's widely agreed upon that this happens because of the boosters being in a constantly active state. While under the engines, one can hear a deafening mechanical roar, similar to that of a jet engine being active. If ever crossing underneath the rocket, it is recommended to bring hearing protection for this reason.

To climb the Saturn V, an elevator is stationed at the back of the pad connecting to the red scaffolding. The elevator is always open and can hold a maximum of 4 people per trip. To activate the elevator, a rotating lever is placed on one flat surfaces within the unit. The lever has five settings on the dial, with "G" being Ground level and "4" being the highest you can go.


Ground Level


The "ground level" of Launch Pad 39B is the main structure that one will climb on. It is completely barren of any other structures, save for the rocket and red scaffolding. No dangers have appeared on this part of the pad, but some have reported seeing "smoke figures" on the structure, specifically under the engines to the Saturn V. These entities were reported to be shaped like Smilers, but did not have a smiling mouth or glowing eyes. The Repository cannot determine whether these are hallucinations, people mistaking exhaust smoke for figures, or an unidentified entity.

Many wanderers sit on the platform and rest, as getting to Level 515 is a tedious task. A day and night cycle does exist in Level 515, and the stars in the night sky are admired by those who stay on the pad. The minimal light pollution allows people to see many constellations that, while not relatable to ones on Earth, are enjoyed and even named.

Stage 1 - Fuel Room and Core

The first sector of Level 515 is where the engines, fuel, and the "Core" are located. To enter Sector 1, a large panel on the body of Saturn V will slowly open, with steam hissing out. The steam is dangerously hot, and wanderers are advised to wait until the hissing stops. As it does, lights within the Saturn V will illuminate the interior of the first sector.

Upon entering the rocket, one will feel heat overwhelm them, though not as unbearable as when one stands underneath the engines themselves. Wanderers can see lots of machinery, wiring, and fuel tanks lining the space within the first stage. Supplies are abundant in the first stage, yet not in the way wanderers will want. Items recorded in the first stage are listed below.

  • Wrench, drills, hammers, and other hand-held tools.
  • Jerry cans, all with varying volumes of liquid fuel.
  • Boxes of screws, nails, and pins.
  • Welding equipment, with masks and extra fuel cans.
  • Scraps of sheet metal, iron, and occasionally copper.
  • Clipboards with sheets of paper attached, all with complex mathematical equations.

Any objects taken outside of Level 515 will disappear from a wanderer's pack, and with this complication many groups have brought their broken equipment to Level 515 to use these tools.

Stage 2 - Storage and Housing

Instead of having more thrusters like the original Saturn V, this replica reuses its space to become housing for wanderers on the pad. The space can hold up to 300 people, with cots lined on the walls and ladders to reach the higher beds. In the center of the second stage is a large furnace/stove area, allowing wanderers to cook food and boil any unsafe water. The stoves, while being wood burning, do not require manual ignition with matches or a lighter. The knobs to turn on the stoves immediately ignite the wood, which never seems to deteriorate. No smoke is emitted by the stove, suggesting that a pipe redirects the smoke to not cause carbon monoxide poisoning.1

Around the edges of the stage are crates and chests, which all are unlocked, and give wanderers the opportunity to store their items. Hanging off of the latches of all chests are keys, which suggest that whoever built this structure gave the opportunity for long-term housing.

Other than what is provided, no extra supplies have been found in this stage of the rocket.

Stage 3 - Control


The last level of the elevator, stage 3, is the control room of the Saturn V. Winds are unnaturally strong on this level, and those who come up to this stage are advised to keep a tight hold on the scaffolding while walking across. Wanderers are able to be blown off, and those who are pushed off from the wind fall to their deaths.

When entering the cockpit, the surrounding area will dim immensely, and flashlights are recommended. The sounds of computerized whirring, mechanical clicking, and beeping are faintly heard all throughout the area. These noises come from the control panels, fans, and status boards that line the walls in certain areas.

How the picture shown on the right was taken is not known, but it perfectly shows the different stages of the Saturn V. The top platform of scaffolding connects to the control cockpit, and is where the winds are at their heaviest.

Continuing on the inside of the third stage will let wanderers reach a large, open space filled with computers and dials, which is the only non-euclidean space in the entire level. Why this area was chosen is unknown, and what it provides is equally dubious. Wanderers have not reported there being anything inside of this space. The computing parts are not retrievable, and it seems to be only empty paths.


There are only two events in Level 515, which both include the launch pad taking a different direction: stopping inside of a maintenance tower, or approaching a launch zone.

Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB's)

When Launch Pad 39B approaches a VAB, it will slow down drastically and carefully move into the building. The pad will stop in the middle of the tower, and for thirty minutes wanderers are free to explore the VAB. Inside the VAB are stockpiles of food, Almond Water, and occasionally a Royal Ration or two. The VAB is around 500 feet tall or higher, with the inside having 15 stories. On every level there are tools, supplies, housing, and entertainment.

With the supplies always restocking within the VAB, this has led many wanderers to take solace within the large building. Many newcomers search for Level 515 specifically for this reason, and many communities have risen within the massive structure.

Rocket Launch

Rarely, Launch Pad 39B will take a turn to the left and towards a launch zone in the distance. Upon reaching the zone, the pad will center itself on top of the large structure. More scaffolding and supporting arms will hold up the rocket, and the pad will move away back towards a Vehicle Assembly Building. Loud noises will begin emitting from the rocket body, such as hissing steam, loud shifts of mechanical rings, and hundreds of beeps from control panels no matter where it is in the rocket.

If in the third stage, one can hear communications from Houston, or the control site. They will ask for a response, but giving one does not effect the outcome. After five minutes of testing, Houston will begin the countdown. The rocket will stop all sounds, and everyone will suddenly have the feeling of needing to be dead silent. When the countdown ends, the rocket will roar to life and ascend from the launch zone.

It is unknown to what happens on the rocket as it ascends, as all radio communications cease when the rocket reaches 1000 feet in the air.2


Hostile Entities

No hostile entities have been documented on this level.

Peaceful Entities

No peaceful entities have been documented on this level.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

The Mechanics

This group is a collective of 68 people who use the tools on Level 515 to create weaponry, armor, and other gadgets that couldn't be made on most levels. They use these hand-crafted products to trade with others in the VAB and are neutral to all groups.

Survivors of Flame

This group is a collective of 195 people which live permanently on Level 515. There isn't much notable about them, as they trade food and Almond Water for various supplies. The group is aligned towards the U.E.C.

Kinship of Space

The group is a collective of 536 people who have taken an entire VAB for themselves. They are extremely hostile to all groups not aligned with the U.E.C., and if the Launch Pad approaches their VAB it is highly recommended to exit the area in any way possible.

Backrooms Remodeling Co.

There is no name for this collective of BRC members, and they don't stay in one place most of the time. With what little interactions we could gather, they are here to use the tools and supplies Level 515 provides to further their goals of building areas in the Backrooms.

Backrooms Robotics Establishment

A splinter of the Backrooms Robotics resides on an abandoned VAB, which they have claimed for themselves. With 58 members documented in the building, they are very reclusive and are speculated to use the tools inside the VAB for their projects.

The Lost Rocketmen

A division of The Lost, they reside inside one of the more populated VAB's in order to collect as much information as possible. The group has attempted to collect every mathematical document possible in Level 515, and do not seem to be giving up their goal.

Entrances / Exits


There is only three specific ways to enter Level 515, which goes as follows:

  • From Level 0, enter Level 1. Continue to Level 2 and find the large, multi-colored door.
    • Once finding a picture of a sad clown, enter Level 57 and find a painting that resembles decrepit passageways that of Level 611.
    • When finding an exit in Level 611, wanderers that appear in the following three locations have a chance at continuing their journey.
      • If appearing in Level 444, one can continue their advance until exiting to Level 176. In Level 176, there is a low chance that one can find a small model of the Saturn V. Touching this model will bring one to Level 515.
      • If appearing in Level 317, one's best chance of entering Level 515 is finding an elevator and pressing the numbers on the pad.
      • If appearing in Level 420, then the chances of reaching Level 515, while still possible, are very low. The process is difficult, and what we could discern is listed below.
        • Upon entering Level 420, the main goal is to find The Base. When reaching the structure, wait for a blizzard to start. This is one's only chance of entering Level 515 this way.
        • When the blizzard commences, exit The Base and begin climbing the mountains. As the blizzard gets stronger, the sound of a rocket taking off will occur anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours after beginning the climb. Make sure that one is triple layered and heavily insulated to protect themselves from the intense cold.
        • As the rocket sound in the distance roars, leap from the mountain. As one falls from the mountain, they will fall on the soft grass of Level 515.3

Every VAB has at least three to six elevators, and all are operational.


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