Level 502
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Class 2

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One of Level 502's corridors.

Level 502 is the 503rd level of the Backrooms. This level appears as an infinite data center. It was discovered by a small unaffiliated explorer group on 08/13/2015.


Level 502 consists of an enclosed, infinite room full of computer servers. These servers appear to be running constantly and are hot to the touch. So far, all attempts to connect to these servers have failed. These servers are organized in such a way as to create a maze.

Occasionally an event called a heatwave will occur. A heatwave is an event in which the servers of Level 502 will suddenly and without warning begin to heat up to around 40 degrees Celsius and begin to radiate heat. This heat will last around 2-4 hours, often causing any wanderer to experience heat stroke and heat syncope (fainting). Due to this level's other properties heatwaves and their associated loss of consciousness are considered its most dangerous property. It is highly suggested to bring almond water to stave off syncope, as it’s a result of dehydration.

Level 502’s other property is what happens once a person loses consciousness within the level. Once a wanderer loses consciousness, they will immediately disappear, and their body will reappear nearby after a few seconds. However, major alterations will have been made to a person's (hereby called the victim) body. All facial orifices (eyes, mouth, nose, and ears) will be gashed out into circular holes, and a variety of wires connected to nearby server terminals will be connected directly into the head via said facial orifices. Steel wires protruding from the ceiling hang the victim mid-air via wrists. People in this state are non-responsive and are functionally brain dead.

There is one notable location within the level, a large, matte black rectangular prism named the obelisk. The obelisk appears to protrude from a hole in the ceiling and continues down into a hole in the floor. These holes are also illuminated via unknown means. This location is also where the level's singular entity can be found.


A singular entity can be found in this level, stationed at the obelisk, known as “Info”. Info appears as a robotic humanoid, dressed in a blue two-piece suit. Attached to Info’s chest reads a metal sign engraved with “Info Here!”. Once approached, Info will offer to assist anyone in exchange for “a piece of themselves”. Once this deal is accepted, the entity will begin to give unhelpful directions around the level. These directions are only audible to the person to take the deal and will last for around 5 minutes. Once the said time interval is up, Info will stop suddenly and vocalize loudly "YOUR DIRECTIONS TRIAL HAS ENDED. WOULD YOU LIKE TO CONTINUE FOR EXCHANGE FOR YOUR SOUL?". So far, no one has taken up this deal. Upon further analysis, this so-called "piece of themselves" is a significant memory of a person. All attempts to remind someone of this memory will result in instant forgetfulness.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

U.E.C. (Unbound Explorers Coalition) Outpost

  • An unknown Number of U.E.C. members have been reported setting up an outpost around one of the levels exits, near the obelisk.
  • While willing to trade, they will refuse to allow any access into their outpost.
  • Attempting to enter forcefully will be met with non-lethal force.
  • Appears to composed of researchers and an unknown U.E.C. Squad.

Entrances And Exits:


  • Any server in Level 120 that appears to be in working condition can be no-clipped into this level.
  • Entering a warehouse in Level 172 labeled “data center” will lead to this level.


  • Attempts to access the servers have rarely led to Level 195.
  • Falling into the hole surrounding the obelisk reportedly leads into Level 400.

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