Promethei Bibliotheca
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[someoneintheroom]: Wait lemme add Anthony here

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Yeah go ahead

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[VorKhos]: Hey Katya!

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Hello Anthony!

[VorKhos]: I told you not to use my name on Backdoors ><

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: C'mon don't worry someone is a friend

[VorKhos]: Whatever

[VorKhos]: So why did you guys need to talk to me?

[VorKhos]: Sorry sorry if I seem rushed I'm working on the new Hermes settlement in the Terror Hotel :/

[someoneintheroom]: Welp, it's actually about Level 5

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: We found something big. Literally. There's a huge library on the seventh floor

[VorKhos]: zdefdsgzsed

[VorKhos]: You have my complete attention

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Told you lmao

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: So, you see, Antoine and I were doing our usual patrol near Housekeeping, when we suddenly discovered an unexplored section of the corridors

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Actually, Antoine can explain this part better since he was the first to see it, I joined him after he contacted me

[someoneintheroom]: Alrighty

[someoneintheroom]: So the wallpaper was a little bit weird. It seemed more peeled and old (as opposed to the normally pristine wallpaper of the level).

[VorKhos]: That's unusual indeed, the Hotel is usually in perfect condition. Maybe it was because the hallway hasn't been used in a long time? Have you seen any unusual signs of an older outpost there?

[someoneintheroom]: Hold on I'm coming to it

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Least nerdy Anthony moment:

[VorKhos]: -_-

[someoneintheroom]: lmao

[someoneintheroom]: Anyway, I followed the hallway, and I saw a door at the end of it. A simple wooden door, but a very old one

[VorKhos]: Were there any inscriptions or patterns on it?

[someoneintheroom]: I'm coming to itttttt

[VorKhos]: Sorry :/ quite hyped by this

[someoneintheroom]: When I opened it, I faced an IMMENSE (and I mean really fucking immense) library, a bit like how Cygnus Archive is depicted on the database. I'm not as good at history as you, but I think the architecture and patterns were from the Victorian era? Renaissance?

[VorKhos]: Wait

[VorKhos]: That may actually mean a lot

[VorKhos]: And the books?

[someoneintheroom]: Most of them are in languages I can't read, but Katya told me you could help with this

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Also this place reminded me of THAT PARTICULAR GROUP you hyper-fixated on for a while


[VorKhos]: This is huge. If this turns out to be true, this is a huge discovery

[VorKhos]: Did you guys tell anyone about it?

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Not yet. M.E.G. officials are annoying af with that kind of stuff so we figured out you could help before we inevitably start a page for the database.

[VorKhos]: Oh I can totally help! That may actually come in handy for the Hermes team, especially since it's on floor 7

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Antoine is going to go back to the place tomorrow (S.M.T.)1, but I won't be able to help him

[VorKhos]: Got it

[VorKhos]: Okay someone, prepare yourself for a twenty-page draft about the Lost Hall Society coming into your DMs in about 5 minutes lmao

[someoneintheroom]: Alrighty!

[VorKhos]: That's probably going to be annoying, but you need to find some books about them in the library

[VorKhos]: Even if they are just written by them in another language, it's going to help a lot in understanding this place

[someoneintheroom]: Got it thanks!

[someoneintheroom]: dw I'm not traumatized by libraries yet :3

[VorKhos]: Fantastic! Thanks a lot for telling me guys, this place has a lot of potential for understanding the Terror Hotel, hell, even THE BACKROOMS better. I'll do my best to help you on this while I do some Hermes stuff!

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Perfect! Have a nice day!

[someoneintheroom]: Have a nice day VorKhos!

[VorKhos]: You too guys ^^




Photograph of an alley of the Promethean Library.

Level 5.3, better known as Promethei Bibliotheca or the Promethean Library, is a sublevel of the Terror Hotel that was discovered by random chance in May of 2016. It takes the form of an elegant library with hundreds of corridors stretching on all sides. The walls are composed of marble with some granite features, while the pillars are made of an unknown kind of tuff stone. The iron bars, near the side of the corridor connecting to a void, are made of a metal reminiscent of the one present on the iron bars of Level 32. Several paintings in the Renaissance style can be found above the bookshelves, depicting unknown events that may or may not be a part of The Lost history or mythology3. Whilst the sublevel showcases a set of infinitely long corridors, it only has seven floors, each accessible by a wooden staircase. The mention of the name Promethei Bibliotheca can be found at the top of some walls, hence the denomination of this sublevel.

Each floor contains an enormous amount of books, seemingly assorted randomly. Their cover can be of any color and size, but doesn't seem to portray many illustrations outside of some rare gilded illuminates or titles. Surprisingly, they do not seem to have aged, retaining their pristine condition, despite being covered in dust. Even if most of them are written in unknown languages4, others use Frontrooms languages such as English, French or Italian. The books' topics are as random as they can be, ranging from what seems to be fiction5 to encyclopedias about topics like arts and manual labor. The knowledge present there is mainly about the Backrooms, with places like Hoofstaad being mentioned, as well as creatures of high importance such as Ambassadors or The Macchina. While the cryptic languages often stop wanderers from getting deeper into a lot of those topics, the readable books remain a very promising way to learn about the Backrooms as a whole.

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[someoneintheroom]: mmmmh?

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Hey!

[someoneintheroom]: What's the matter?

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Just wanted to know how the mission was going

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Did you manage to find information about the lost hall thing?

[someoneintheroom]: The lost hall what???

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Antoine seriously?

[someoneintheroom]: Katya I legit have no idea what you are talking about

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Antoine wtf???? Anthony asked you to find books about the Lost Hall Society!!

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Don't tell me you forgot why you came back to the library -_-

[someoneintheroom]: Katya I'm sorry but I don't remember your friend asking me anything about the sublevel.

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: ARE YOU FUCKIRSXDGZRSD

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: -_-

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Antoine are you okay? Like, genuinely asking

[someoneintheroom]: Actually not really, my head hurts

[someoneintheroom]: Like in a weird way

[someoneintheroom]: Why did you say I had to come back here already?

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Okay now that's concerning

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Do you feel anything weird happening in the library?

[someoneintheroom]: Well huh

[someoneintheroom]: I don't really know, I feel something weird for sure but I can't really describe it

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Is it tied to your headache thing?

[someoneintheroom]: Idk but the headache started and intensified here

[someoneintheroom]: Wait, what's this

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: ?

[someoneintheroom]: Oh fuck

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Antoine what's going on????

[someoneintheroom]: OH FUCK

[someoneintheroom]: I REMEMBER NOW

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: WHAT??

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: ARE YOU OKAY???

[someoneintheroom]: I just found a little notebook on the shelves

[someoneintheroom]: There's twenty pages

[someoneintheroom]: Talks about the lost hall society

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Oh that's good news actually?

[someoneintheroom]: No it's not Katya

[someoneintheroom]: They are exactly what Anthony explained to me in DMs yesterday

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: What do you mean??

[someoneintheroom]: They are my memories, Katya


Memory Effects


Several books seemingly containing the memories of a single person.

A core phenomenon of the Promethean Library is its link to human consciousness. In fact, it seems as though the sublevel is capable of stealing memories from visitors. This effect only manifests itself once an individual remains in the Library for long enough. This time seems to be fairly short, at around one to two hours. Past this delay, the sublevel will start to — seemingly consciously (see Behavior section below) — extract memories from the wanderer's mind. This process can take a varying amount of time and seems to target newer memories or "important" ones6. As the wanderer starts losing their memories, they will start to experience headaches, gradually increasing in intensity. Unless they are aware of this property of the level, they will not notice their memory loss should they not get external help. Faded memories will be consigned to a book in the vast expanse of the Promethean Library. The form of the book may vary according to the amount of memories extracted and their nature, ranging from a simple notebook to even a series of books. Since the way those books are ordered is not currently understood, finding the host of these lost memories may not be feasible. As such, it is highly advised not to remain in the Promethean Library for more than an hour.

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[VorKhos]: Hey Katya! Why are you contacting me today?

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Hey Anthony!

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: It's about Antoine and the Terror Hotel sublevel we discovered

[VorKhos]: Oh yeah, right!

[VorKhos]: Has Someone discovered anything about the Lost Hall Society?

[VorKhos]: I have a billion theories about this floating in my head atm lmao

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: yeeaaaaaah so about that

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: (lemme write everything first plz)

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: So Antoine went back to the library, and as you requested he tried to find documents about the Lost Hall Society

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: But as time passed in the sublevel he said he started to feel headaches

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Then when I contacted him while he was still in the Library, he told me he forgot what you asked him to do and all of the stuff you explained to him about the group thing

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: And when we talked about this in messages, he found a small notebook on the shelves

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: And it turned out to be Antoine's memories about the lost hall stuff you told him in DM yesterday

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: I'm done you can talk now btw

[VorKhos]: hold on

[VorKhos]: So the sublevel steals memories and translates them into the books within itself?

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: That's what it seems to do yeah

[VorKhos]: omg that's huge

[VorKhos]: Did Someone find more stuff about the Lost Hall Society?

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Nah, I immediately asked him to come back

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: I don't want Antoine to lose all of his memory, we still don't know if this place is sentient and how it selects memories

[VorKhos]: Yeah that's fair

[VorKhos]: Mmmmh

[VorKhos]: I'll visit the Library tomorrow

[VorKhos]: Can Housekeeping welcome me for the night? The Hermes team has great relations with them

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Anthony what the fuck

[VorKhos]: C'mon Katya, that's an incredible opportunity for a historian like me!

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: No but like

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Anthony

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: You never leave the Hermes base ever

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: You have no experience of the Backrooms' dangers

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: You've been scared to go on a mission for ages

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: And NOW you want to explore a sublevel we barely even know ANYTHING about with the ability to quite literally steal your memories????

[VorKhos]: Okay I mean, I KNOW I'm not the bravest nor the most knowledgeable about weapons monsters and stuff

[VorKhos]: But here's my chance to learn something about this place!

[VorKhos]: I'm a historian, Katya, I can't let this opportunity slide

[VorKhos]: Don't get me wrong, I'm VERY FUCKING SCARED obviously, that would be my first "mission" and yeah I'm not really a great Hermes member when it comes down to… well hermes exploration stuff

[VorKhos]: But I would feel SO BAD if I missed this opportunity

[VorKhos]: And you guys saw no entities right? So if you help me go from Level 2 to Housekeeping, I should be fine!

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Goddamit

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Okay fine, but I'm coming with you

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: I'm not losing you to this place because of your own incompetence

[VorKhos]: Ouch

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: I mean, Anthony, have you ever been to the Terror Hotel???

[VorKhos]: No but I'm working on the new Hermes base there so I learned stuff about it

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Theory can only take you so far

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Whatever, I'll take the day off tomorrow and take you from Hermes-2 to Housekeeping

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: This better be worth it

[VorKhos]: Thank you sooooo much Katya!

[VorKhos]: That's a huge relief not gonna lie

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Yeah yeah whatever I'll tell my superior about your coming


The Lost Hall Society

The Promethean Library was instrumental in the discovery of information regarding an ancient yet poorly known group named the Lost Hall Society. As it turns out, the group, while having played a role of high importance in the level, has left researchers with little-to-no written traces.


Photograph of an older alley, hosting many books from the Lost Hall Society.

It is unknown whether the Lost Hall Society created this sublevel, or if they just discovered and used it for their activities. However, thanks to some books retrieved and successfully translated, the goal of this group became clear: centuries ago, the Lost Hall Society roamed not only the Terror Hotel but also the entirety of the Backrooms in search of information about this place. They were a faction of peaceful collectors and historians who used the unique property of this sublevel to directly consign the information they found in a very efficient way. With time, they managed to "write" about the history of levels, the biology of entities, properties of objects, and phenomena, and even the geopolitical state of the former groups of interest. It is highly likely that not all books here are the work of the Lost Hall Society. Indeed, it is highly likely that this place already featured books from other wanderers who stumbled upon this place by accident before the discovery of the sublevel by the Lost Hall Society. During some of the few interviews conducted with members of the Originals, some of them stated that they already ventured into this library once or twice but never went back due to the anomalous headaches they were experiencing, not knowing what caused them in the first place. The Promethean Library was used by the Lost Hall Society until around the 17th century7 due to an unknown event that either extincted them or forced them to move to another unidentified location. The Promethean Library remained unchecked for centuries until its recent discovery by M.E.G. members.

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[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Hey Charlie!

[CharlieDrake]: Oh hey guys!


[CharlieDrake]: Oh god Anthony what did you find this time lmao

[VorKhos]: Hey how did you tell?

[CharlieDrake]: You always act like that when you discover new history shit lol

[VorKhos]: Okay fair

[VorKhos]: Do you remember when I left Hermes Base yesterday?

[CharlieDrake]: Oh yeah, right, Katya babysat you to that sublevel thing

[VorKhos]: sqdfgtryrzedsfghtre

[VorKhos]: I wasn't scared >:(

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Actually he's right

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: I was surprised but yeah it seems like Anthony gets like 100% more confident when he can discover nerd things

[VorKhos]: -_-

[CharlieDrake]: omg Anthony first mission real?

[VorKhos]: Kinda yeah!

[VorKhos]: So basically, Katya and her friend found a library in the Terror Hotel near Housekeeping. They immediately told me about it and it turns out it has been used by the Lost Hall Society centuries ago! The Library has a weird phenomenon too, where you kinda have to give knowledge too. It takes memories from your mind, memories that interest the Library, which it then consigns in books.

[VorKhos]: This means that a huge quantity of those writings have been created by the Lost Hall Society through what we could call an alliance with the sublevel.

[CharlieDrake]: Okay that's already too much for me lmao

[CharlieDrake]: And there were no action? Darn, Katya, you probably died of boredom or something

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Nah it was fine, the hardest thing was to follow Anthony around the place, he was in his element

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Do you remember when he first saw the archive of the Hermes Base? Well he was like twice as excited here lmao

[CharlieDrake]: And your memories are fine?

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Mine are yeah. We remained in the library for like… three hours I think? But Anthony will explain this better than me

[VorKhos]: Okay so

[VorKhos]: The Promethean Library (yeah that's its name apparently) is basically conscious. Not at the human consciousness level of course, but it has what we could see as a mind, and it loves learning stuff. You know how every human has a different set of knowledge? Well, everything interests the Promethean Library. It's an… "entity" driven by the thirst for knowledge, like me!

[VorKhos]: You so kinda can make pacts with it you know. It wants to learn new stuff, I want to learn old stuff. It has been unvisited for so long that it lost its grip with what now happens in the Backrooms. Before we discovered it back, it didn't know about the Ariane Circle, the M.E.G. and other newer groups. Same with new entities or levels we discovered waaaay after the Lost Hall Society. And I want to learn the past.

[VorKhos]: So we made kind of an arrangement. I mean, I can't talk to the sublevel (obviously) but I let it pick the stuff it wanted within my mind, and then it shows me books that I was looking for. So like, a fair trade you know.

[CharlieDrake]: Huh

[VorKhos]: Yeah Charlie you're going to need to give me another tour of the Hermes Base once I come back I can't even give you the location of my own office lmao

[VorKhos]: But it was 100% worth it. My research about the Lost Hall Society became waaaaaaay easier! I learned so much about the hotel and its history!

[VorKhos]: And it's not only nerdy stuff as you call it. I maaaaaaay have gotten some information about… y'know, Terror Hotel Staff

[CharlieDrake]: Okay NOW I'm interested

[VorKhos]: See? I can help the Hermes Team and all

[VorKhos]: Don't even need to endanger myself on missions :P

[CharlieDrake]: My brother in Argos you traded your own memories -_-

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Trust me, he's fine. Like, you know I don't take security lightly. He was a bit lost at first but it's fine

[CharlieDrake]: Gaaaaah

[CharlieDrake]: I'll have to tell Maximilien about this you know

[VorKhos]: lmao go for it

[VorKhos]: Maybe now he will stop looking at me with this condescending look during reunions, now that I got practical information for helping with the new Level 5 base

[CharlieDrake]: Fair

[CharlieDrake]: When will you come back?

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: He'll stay in Housekeeping for the night, I'll give him back to you tomorrow

[VorKhos]: heeeeeeeeey I'm not an object ><

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Fair enough

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: Congrats on the mission, I guess you're not as much of a coward as I thought

[VorKhos]: Thanks

[VorKhos]: I guess?

[CharlieDrake]: I'll have to go now

[CharlieDrake]: Take care you two, and don't go in this library thing again okay? I want you to still be able to recognize me :3

[VorKhos]: I don't think it's interested in you anyway lol

[katyaaaaaaaaa576]: gn!

[VorKhos]: Yeah see you tomorrow!




Photograph of a book "given" by the Promethean Library, named "Anemophosis, Vol. I". It was found in 2020 and is currently the property of the Ariane Circle.

The Promethean Library seems to possess a form of consciousness. However, unlike places such as the Living Level, it is unknown whether what people call the Library Mind is an incarnation of the sublevel itself or simply an omnipotent spirit controlling the place.

Whatever its real nature is, its goal is clear, as the Library Mind appears to be obsessed with knowledge of any sort. However, it seems that the Mind cannot escape the boundaries of the sublevel, and therefore cannot slake its thirst for knowledge. Therefore, for all of its existence, the Library Mind has used its omnipotence within its kingdom to extract the memories of the wanderers who dared enter its realm.

Yet, the Library Mind seems to desire this knowledge to be shared with humanity, therefore not making said knowledge a selfish treasure. It seems that it values curiosity and thirst for comprehension above all, two characteristics it possesses. As such, the Library Mind offers any wanderer that stumbles into its domain the knowledge they seek in exchange for a piece of their memory. This way, this consciousness can fulfill its purpose of collecting and distributing information from every point in time, while satiating the Library Mind's thirst for knowledge, especially modern knowledge, for it hasn't been visited in centuries, and therefore lacks understanding of the new setting of the Backrooms.

The way the Library Mind operates is deemed by the few people who visited it to be automatic and insidious. While wanderers looking for a particular book may not notice it, the Library Mind knows their need and takes its tribute to then give them the information they deeply seek. However, the Library Mind seems to possess some form of morality, refusing to fulfill the wishes of those who would use knowledge to harm or dominate others. Headaches and heavy memory losses await those who don't value knowledge for the love of discovery, as the Library Mind wants to enlighten humans and itself alike, not allowing any form of information abuse. The sublevel also prevents most wanderers from reaching knowledge that it deems too valuable8 or information that humans aren't ready for.

According to the member of the Ariane Circle, Anthony Kelvin, while the Library Mind is not capable of speaking or projecting words to the wanderer that visits the sublevel, it can "talk through emotions", inducing feelings in a wanderer based on what the Library Mind wants to convey to them. For example, if one is aware of the consciousness inhabiting the sublevel, they will be able to feel when it notices them. A person can also feel other sentiments from the Library Mind such as satisfaction or anger, depending on the goal that made the wanderer venture into the Promethean Library. It can also manifest more complex thoughts with this method, for example, when when it tries to justify the reason why it does not want to give a particular book to the wanderer. In specific cases, the Library Mind also uses its physical environment to guide people in the immense realm. This can go from making some books fall to gather the wanderer's attention, to provoking the collapse of entire bookshelves, in a way to express its anger more directly.

Still, according to the same contributor, it is possible to go beyond a simple one-time exchange of information to create some form of agreement that goes beyond a simple visit. Because of its isolation, the Library Mind currently lacks several bits of information regarding new groups, Backrooms areas, and entities. A person seeking knowledge pertaining to the past can obtain more trust if they are willing to show the Library Mind how the Backrooms changed since then. It is thanks to such agreements that the Hermes team of the Ariane Circle, and therefore the M.E.G, got access to valuable information not only about the Lost Hall Society, but also about the Terror Hotel.

Oddly enough, the Library Mind seems to show animosity towards the Terror Hotel staff. While the reason is not fully known, it is heavily implied by some documents found there that said staff was the cause of the isolation of the sublevel. While the goals of the Beast of Level 5 remain very cryptic, perhaps irredeemably so, the theory about the sublevel isolation seems to indicate that this being is actively trying to protect the secrets and the information about the Terror Hotel from the human communities of the level. As said earlier, the sublevel has shared knowledge about the Terror Hotel staff, but it is unknown whether the latter will react to this information being shared or not.

Entrances and Exits


The only known entrance to the Promethean Library is in a newly discovered corridor near the M.E.G. base Housekeeping on Level 5. However, due to the non-euclidean nature of this level, this entrance may not be reliable, given how the base existed for a long time without the entrance being noticed.


There is a chance that a corridor will lead to a dead end with a wooden door on the wall. Using it will take the wanderer back to the entrance of the Promethean Library.

As the Gentleman was visiting his realm as usual, he noticed a small wooden door at the end of the hallway he was walking in. Memories of a time gone by flowed in his mind.

Not this place again.

He opened the door. Before his eyes was the same library he had hoped never to see again.

He stepped in it and glanced at the seemingly infinite hallways of bookshelves.

It really was as disgusting as the day he lost it. He sighed.

His attention was taken by a small notebook falling from the nearest shelf onto his feet. He picked it up and quickly watched its content. He recognized plenty of sketches of some of his staff members, with small notes about them.

He launched the book behind him across the corridor without a look.

It has been a long time. he stated to the location itself. I would be delighted to see you again if I didn't know what was the reason for your reapparition.

I see what you are trying to do here. This disrespectful yet brave behavior will never fail to amaze me. Yet we both know what you are trying here won't work, just like last time.

The silence of the place was the only answer he received.

You aren't welcome here and will never be. But please try your best, it will be quite entertaining to crush your hopes for mankind once more. He concluded.

The Gentleman turned around and left the Promethean Library with the same neutral expression he always portrayed.

Except this time, it hid his annoyance towards the library. This wasn't supposed to happen again. Once more, this pesky little library was going to ruin the whole place.

Knowledge always ruins humanity here. First, they start to get too brave. Then they think they know what's better for them. They think they know better than him, the Gentleman. Having his residents choose what was good for them was out of the question. The Staff knew how to make them have a nice stay. Forever. And this stupid, optimistic library was going to ruin everything again.

But the staff wasn't going to let it happen.

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