Level 5.2
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A series of doors on Level 5.2. The bottom right door was presumably opened by an inhabitant of the level an unknown time ago.


Another region of the level. The edge of a stairwell is visible at the left. The pole visible in the center extends infinitely far downwards.


This picture shows the boundary between two different regions of the level.

Level 5.2 is a sublevel of Level 5, the 6th level of the Backrooms. Although expeditions into the level by the M.E.G. only began recently, evidence suggests that the level has been continuously inhabited for at least two centuries. During this time, numerous groups and outposts have formed and fallen in the level.


The Structure

The level consists of a large building of infinite height and width, but of finite thickness. The structure has two sides, both of which are covered by long walkways layered on top of one another. Layers at different heights are rarely connected by stairwells, which act as the safest way to traverse up or down the level. Inside the structure, there exists an infinite number of hotel rooms, all accessible through doors located along the walkways.

Although the two sides of this level are separated by a solid wall, it is still possible to see the other side. This can be accomplished simply by looking over the railing; the level loops along the axis perpendicular to the structure. The gap between the two sides is around 50 meters across, making crossing it infeasible.

There are multiple distinct regions in this level. These regions primarily differ by the appearance of the walkways, but certain differences have also been identified inside the rooms. The size of these regions varies greatly—the largest regions can contain hundreds of doors, while the smallest ones may only have a handful. The layout of the regions is identical on both sides of the structure. This makes it ideal for groups to use the noticeable boundaries between regions to mark the borders of their territories.

Metallic poles can rarely be found near the wall. These metallic poles always extend infinitely downwards, but not necessarily upwards. Although many native groups use the metallic poles to quickly descend floors, the M.E.G. discourages others from trying it; even a small slip can mean certain death.

The Rooms

The hotel rooms contained inside the structure vary in shape and size. They are generally filled with furniture typical for a hotel room, such as refrigerators, beds, and tables. The refrigerators contain food that does not spoil until the appliance is opened. Rarely, more may appear in an empty refrigerator, as long as it is closed. This is an important source of nutrition for inhabitants of the level.

Shelter and accommodation are other things offered by the rooms. Settlements in the level typically consist of a collection of inhabited rooms with furniture placed on the walkways outside. Sometimes, even the environment itself is artificially altered, such as by constructing an additional passage through a wall. Rooms are also commonly utilized by travelers as rest spots during long journeys.

The final purpose served by the rooms is transit. As some rooms contain doors on both sides of the structure, they can simply be walked through to get to the other side. Such rooms are usually hotspots of activity, with dozens of people passing through them each hour. Most groups in the level seek to obtain control over a room of this kind, as this will usually allow them control over a section of a trade route.


Rarely, a hotel room may be infested with Deathmoths, a common entity within Level 5. The Deathmoths found in Level 5.2 are smaller but equally aggressive. Many rooms formerly infested with Deathmoths have been cleansed of the infestation by groups native to the level. However, Deathmoths have also been occasionally able to infest new rooms. It is uncertain what the future holds for Deathmoths in the sublevel.

Facelings are a common sight both inside and outside the rooms. They are generally docile and ignore the presence of humans around them. Facelings have been observed sleeping on beds, wandering along the walkways, and climbing on the poles found near walls. Some have theorized that the technique of climbing the poles originated from the Facelings before being subsequently adopted by humanity. Due to the non-hostility of Facelings, they coexist freely with humans and rarely even live among them.

Deathmoths and Facelings are the two main species of entities found on the level. No other entities are present, save for those that have stumbled here from Level 5. These foreign entities are unable to survive in the level for long, as they are killed by Deathmoths, human inhabitants, or the lack of suitable resources. Encounters with unusual entities have been recorded in form of urban legends and folklore, often with the details distorted or exaggerated.

While Deathmoths are hostile against humans and foreign entities, they usually ignore Facelings completely. The reason for this is unknown. One popular explanation is that Facelings do not present any form of threat to the Deathmoth population, making an attack a waste of time and resources. Likewise, Facelings also ignore Deathmoths, except for seemingly avoiding infested rooms by instinct.

Communities and Settlements

Level 5.2 is home to numerous communities and settlements. However, little information exists about all but a few. The two communities described below are the ones the most is known about.


This settlement is located around a long stairway, which serves as the only passageway between floors in the region. The stairway has been a popular trade route for well over a century, but the settlement is only five decades old. The population fluctuates around 150, with most inhabitants living in hotel rooms close to the stairway. Additionally, three Facelings are counted as inhabitants of the settlement. The community considers them bearers of good luck and reveres them for their immortal nature.


Polefall is a smaller settlement with around 20 inhabitants. The settlement gradually formed next to a collection of poles used to quickly descend several floors. The poles have long been a popular shortcut utilized by travelers in the region. The community of Polefall has collaborated with the M.E.G. several times and has been a vital source of information on the level.

Entrances and Exits


Level 5.2 is only accessible from Level 5. Hallways that lead into this level are marked with signs containing text such as "The Outside" or "Scenic Views." Each hallway ends in a door that functions as an entrance to Level 5.2.

Once an individual goes through the door, it automatically closes and locks itself. This cannot be prevented by placing an obstacle in its way; the door will progressively exert more force on the object until it can break through.


The only way to exit this level is to go through an entrance in the other direction. As the doors lock automatically, this may initially seem impossible. However, it becomes briefly possible to enter Level 5 whenever someone opens an entrance from the inside. For this method to work, one must be close to the door and notice it being opened quickly enough. There are many minor groups whose members camp next to an entrance and observe it in turns.

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