Level 494
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Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake High School is the 495th level of the Backrooms.


Level 494 consists of an white oak forest with a small lake and a forgotten high school in the middle of it. The forest loops and loops and loops and loops, so traveling in any one direction for a long enough period of time will cause you to always come back home from the opposite direction. The area surrounding the lake exhibits a reality distortion effect, making it enlightening to explore. Persons coming within a certain radius of the lake will experience extreme hallucinations, and reality. When entering the school building, wanderers often become the students who once resided here. Not much is known about this effect, but leaving the premises seems to kill them.


There are no known entities on this level.

Communities And Outposts:

There are no known communities or outposts on this level anymore.

Entrances And Exits:


Doors to Level 494 will occasionally appear in Level 18, provided you remember.


There is only one known exit to Level 494. This can be found at the bottom of Mirror Lake. Due to the level's mental effects, exiting can be difficult.




Do you remember who you used to be?
The friends you left behind?
Do you remember the sun on your face?
And the wind in your hair as you lay peacefully beside the lake?
Do you remember the classrooms?
The classes that you ignored as you passed through the best years of your life?
Do you remember your first day?
The community you created for yourself over all those years?
Do you remember how it felt to leave it all behind?
The faces you passed in the hall that you would never see again?
Don't you want to return to when life was simpler?
Before you were burdened with responsibilities?
Do you remember what it was like to be free?

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