Level 474
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Class 1?

  • Safe?
  • Unsecure
  • Devoid of entities?

A picture of the cave entrance, taken in late 2014.

Level 474 is a relatively safe and harmless level with no known exits. It resembles a clearing that consists of a large cave, encompassed by a forest.


Level 474 consists of a clearing surrounded by a dense, seemingly endless forest. Within the clearing, an entrance to a cave can be found. The snow on this level never melts, and the day and night cycle within this level are relatively similar to The Frontrooms, with day lasting for nine hours and night lasting for fifteen hours.

Level 474 has three (3) main features. The Clearing, the Forest, and the Cave.

The Clearing

The Clearing is a relatively small, flat glade. It is approximately 0.2 kilometers in length. Small shrubs and moss can be found growing here. Entities have yet to be found here.

There is a large bulletin board located in the approximate center of the Clearing (as shown in the picture.) It has single a poster attached with a pushpin. The poster has "WELCOME TO NATIONAL PARK #474" in English, typed in large, black colored font. A map of the Clearing and the surrounding forest is also taped to the bulletin. This map has since been found inaccurate to the level's true dimensions.

It also has a Wi-Fi network name and security passcode on a white sheet of paper taped to the bulletin. The network name is "NP474" and the network password is "CaveDivingRules!!2". The network is quite slow, and it only works within the Clearing, but it does allow for communication with others outside of this level.

The Forest

The Forest is a presumably infinite forest that surrounds the Clearing. The general layout and species of trees are somewhat consistent with those found in Oregon, U.S.A. in the Frontrooms. It also consists of shrubs, rocks, and moss. Most shrubs within the forest grow berries similar to blueberries and raspberries found in the Frontrooms. The moss in this area seems to be a species native to this level, as it has not been found anywhere else. It is currently being researched by the residents of the level. The terrain in this area is generally flat and smooth, and the ground is covered in snow. It is relatively unexplored due to its size.1 No entities have been found in the Forest at the time of writing.

The Cave

The Cave is a large cavern that occupies the space underneath the Clearing. Its mouth starts at around the approximate center of the Clearing (as shown in the image above). It appears to be made out of a marble-like stone, and inky darkness envelops everything beyond the first few feet at the beginning of the entrance.

Hidden behind a rock nearby a shattered gas lamp can be found. it is unknown who or what left it there or what happened to them.

Not much is known about what can be found within the Cave due to reasons which will be explained later in this article.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

Aurora Base Alpha

  • Base population: 2 (Jack Lowell and Eleanor Hutchinson)
  • This base is not affiliated with the M.E.G., however, they are working with them to ensure their survival and to continue documenting this relatively unknown level.
  • This base is a small makeshift cabin made out of chunks of dead trees, chopped wood, and mud. It has a small berry and potato farm in the back of the cabin, surrounded by an improvised fence made of tree bark.
  • It is located at the northern edge of the Clearing.


In early 2014, a group of six managed to no-clip into this level from Level 11. This group was approximately four kilometers north of M.E.G. base Beta when the no-clip happened. It is unknown how this no-clip was triggered, as it has yet to be recreated, but group member Jack Lowell said that "It was like falling through the ground." Members of this group include Sean Burgess, Nathan Cobb, Rachel Everette, Mark Snyder, Eleanor Hutchinson, and Jack Lowell. They all no-clipped simultaneously and managed to end up in the northern area of the Clearing. They immediately got to work exploring the clearing, recording information, establishing contact with the M.E.G., and building Aurora base Alpha. However, after six months, they were still unable to find a way to exit Level 474.

In late 2014, Sean Burgess, Nathan Cobb, Rachel Everette, and Mark Snyder decided to go on an expedition exploring the Cave. This was called Aurora Expedition 1A, and it was made in an attempt to learn more about the level and to see if there was a possible exit from within the cave. There were going to be two missions, with each mission consisting of three trips. Mission one was meant to explore the cave with part of the group, and mission two was meant to try to find an exit from within the cave with the entire group. Expedition 1A was to last six hours, with Eleanor Hutchinson and Jack Lowell communicating from a makeshift control center aboveground. Every ten minutes, they would check in with the group to see if everything was going well. For the first hour, expedition group 1A continued going deeper and deeper within the cave system. Nathan Cobb observed that "It just looks like a normal cave, guys" and relayed it to the system above.

When trying to communicate with Expedition 1A for the ninth time, they got no reply.

It was just an hour and a half into the expedition, and Eleanor and Jack had lost connection with the expedition. They continued trying to signal the group for the next three hours, but they got no response. They decided to return to Aurora base Alpha and continue monitoring for signals there. They have not received any signals from the cave since.

Entrances And Exits


There has been only one documented entrance, that being the entrance in early 2014 from Level 11.


There is currently no known way to exit Level 474.

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