Level 47
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Class 3

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Level 47 is the 48th level of the Backrooms.


Level 47 is a snowy level, although it never stops snowing it does not seem that the snow level rises. Its temperature is several degrees below zero, so it is recommended to use the appropriate equipment. The level It is divided into the following two areas: Level 47a & Level 47b.

Level 47a:

Codename: "Snowy Labyrinth"

Level 47a is a maze that appears to be made of snow, later tests showed that there was rock under the thick layer of snow, by now this stone has proven to be indestructible. The depth of the snow can vary according to the area, sometimes it can be almost zero, other times it can be a meter deep so you must be careful where you step. A sub species of Hounds can be found here, these are better adapted to the low temperatures of the level, there's also rare occurrences of Smilers. This is one of the coldest confirmed places in the Backrooms being between -15°C and -30°C.

Level 47b:

Codename: "Frozen Forest"

Level 47b is a snowy forest at night. In order to access Level 47b, you have to find the exit out of the labyrinth (Level 47a) where you will also find the outpost of the Snowy Seekers. This section has a series of paths that cross the aforementioned forest, these roads have anti-entity properties that scare them away, so it is essential to travel through them since the forest is infested with Grues.

Update 1: 7/25/20XX

We have found the way out of the labyrinth, we have tried to mark the way but the snow makes it very difficult, instead we will use maps. The outpost has started its construction and will be called "Snowy Seekers". Everything seems to be going well, we will start exploring Level 47b soon.

Update 2: 12/3/20XX

We have been exploring the level for a while, the snow has made communication with other bases of The M.E.G very difficult but we remain. We have discovered, in a not very cute way that Level 47b is infested with entities, at first they were only shadows that moved away when we got closer. All change a few weeks ago an entire team was killed, now we are sure, the entire forest is infested with Grues.

Update 3: 4/17/20XX

We have come a long way since the last time, now we know a way to protect ourselves from the Grues, they are the roads! Somehow these drive them away, you still don't know what it is if the position, the shape or the material from which they are made, either we know if this only affects these entities. This could be a revolution, we have many experiments to do unfortunately the rock from which these roads are made has proven to be very hard which has delayed us a bit, but we have faith.

Colonies and Outposts

M.E.G. (A.k.a The "Major Explorer Group") Outpost: The Snowy Seekers*

The Snowy Seekers is a M.E.G. outpost whose purpose is to explore and understand the properties of Level 47, their current base is set at the exit of Level 47a. They are also dedicated to providing support to other wanderers either with information or with supplies.

Entrances And Exits:

The easiest way to enter is by walking into the snow for a few minutes at The Mountain Village. But you can also enter via a small blue building in Level 11. Inside the building the floor and ceiling is made of snow and has in its centeran igloo. If you go inside it you will see that there is a tunnel which leads to Level 47a. To Exit, you need to dig through the snow in the floor that you can find in Level 47a, then you will be back in the room with the igloo on Level 11.

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