Level 466
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The border of a forest and a plains biome.

Level 466 is the 467th level of the Backrooms. Level 466 is an (assumed) infinite countryside in a perpetual state of dusk. Its sky is constantly overcast.

Level 466’s average temperature is comparable to a temperate climate in spring, with an average high temperature of 7°C and a low of -2°C. Rainfall is typical in Level 466, with at least one storm per two weeks being common. These storms appear to occur across all of Level 4661. Both length and intensity of storms vary wildly from each other. These storms cannot be easily detected however, as little to no signs of typical Earth storms such as drops in air pressure and rises in humidity have ever been detected before one.


The vast majority of Level 466 consists of three unique environments, which will be called biomes for the sake of brevity. All biomes have their own unique size and features in, to the point that at first glance seem to be the same three areas repeatedly. All biomes have their own unique risks as well.


Plains are the most common biome in Level 466, as well as the largest. They consist of slightly hilly terrain overgrown with species of wild grass indigenous to the grasslands of North America such as Tufted Hairgrass and Canadian Wild Rye. Dirt paths are also present in plains biomes, often spiraling out from the rough center area of that particular biome. Only one entity species inhabits this biome, known colloquially as Firelights. These entities are known to be quite hostile, and their colonies be avoided as much as possible.


Lakes are the second largest biome in Level 466. For the sake of organization, both lakes and their surrounding beach areas are classified as one biome. The lakes themselves are small and shallow, with an average size of 60 hectares and a depth length of eight meters. These lakes lack any entities which may make them seem safe. However, their temperatures of ~3°C can cause cold shock to anyone who attempts to swim in them. Plants are known to grow on the edges of lakes, such as Water Oats and a variety of Cattail species. The sandy beaches of lake biomes are small and safe due to all native entities avoiding lakes as a whole. The reason for this avoidance is unknown, and is currently being looked into.



The forest biome that borders Lantern Town.

Forests are Level 466’s smallest and most dangerous biome. While these forests appear to be varied in both deciduous and coniferous tree species, close analysis has determined that each tree is genetically identical to each other, regardless of their appearance. Another notable feature of these trees are that they lack tree rings, making dating of trees almost impossible once they reach maturity. Entities within forests are plentiful, and most of these entities are not afraid to leave the boundaries of their home biome. It is heavily recommended to stay away from forests unless prepared.


Various anomalous phenomena have been documented by various accounts. These phenomena typically manifest as unreachable structures resembling a variety of housing such as houses and apartment blocks. Structures often can be seen on the horizon of plains and lake biomes, silhouetted by fog or distance. All attempts to reach these buildings have resulted in failure. Some claim that these buildings are familiar or closely connected to them, regardless of legitimacy. Most of these structures cause no threat, but many describe a sense of wistfulness and regret after gazing at them for long periods of time. Some may even risk mortal peril in order to reach "home", often perishing in the process to due to the risks of a particular biome.

Entity Presence

As stated before, most of Level 466’s entity infestation is located in forest biomes. Hounds are the most frequent entity sighted. These particular hounds diverge from typical solitary behavior typical of their species, instead forming packs of around 5-10 individuals. These packs regard forest biomes as their territory and actively hunt down anyone and anything they perceive as a threat. These populations are able to reproduce via unknown means, suggesting a possible divergence of reproduction biology in Hounds of Level 466 compared to the majority of Hounds in different levels. Due to this, a complete cull of a Hound pack is required to successfully create a safe forest biome.

Camo Crawlers and Volpes also live within Forests. Camo Crawlers exclusively slaughter humans and are known to set elaborate traps in order to lure in wanderers. Examples of these traps involve using the corpses of their pervious victims as bait and creating hidden pitfalls in areas of high human activity. Volpes are hostile to humans as well. However, they seem to be much more skittish than other Volpes populations.

Level 466 also has the previously mentioned unique entity, Firelights, formally known as EN-466.

Colonies and Outposts

Lantern Town

Military Leader: Lieutenant S. Farley of the H.D.F
Civilian Leader: Lily Thorne
Establishment Date: ~1985
Population: 78 permanent residents, ~10-15 temporary residents
Description: Lantern Town is the only known settlement of Level 466. It was founded by Emery Seaver in 1985 after a long journey across the Backrooms with her group of explorers. It is nestled between a large lake and forest biome, with most of the settlement either living on the beach or on the lake via a network of water peers and floating houses. It was integrated into The Coalition in 2013 as per the request of then co-leaders Reagan Irvine and Jesper Huxley.

Entrances and Exits


Level 39: Puddles will sometimes form on the winding dirt paths of Level 39. If one jumps into one, it will transport you to the beach of a lake biome. People who have witnessed a human enter via this method describe the person entering as if they had been submerged in a lake for hours at a time and had just now washed up onto the shore. Due to lake temperature, those who enter Level 466 via this method often suffer from hypothermia upon entrance.

Level 135: A path along the border of Level 135’s forest’s is a semi-rare occurrence, and will lead to Level 466 if one is willing to traverse along the path long enough to make a complete cycle. These hikes tend to take hours to complete, and will leave you on the border of a random forest biome once complete.

Level 220: Traveling within Level 220’s forest can sometimes, and seemingly randomly, lead to Level 466. Both levels seem to morph into one another as if they were connected, with the only signs of this change being a darkening of Level 220’s daytime sky to Level 466’s dusk. Once one enters Level 466 proper, they will be on the edge of a forest biome.


Level 47: Some trees in Level 466 appear to be much, much older than their surrounding forests. These trees are gateways into Level 47, and can be used to enter said level in a variety of ways. Both sleeping under these trees or no-clipping into them can lead to Level 47.

Level 107: The beaches of lake biomes can sometimes be seen with a dilapidated concrete cube, often sunken into the sands of the beach. All of these cubes contain entryways - from informal holes to more tidy doorways - into their hollow interior. Once entering a cube, one will immediately clip into Level 107.

Level 302: If one is willing to, Level 302 can be entered with a rare formation within lakes. These formations take the appearance of underwater caves. Once light is impossible to see (either from taking a turn from the cave’s mouth or passing out), one will find themselves in the Main Lake of Level 302. This method is ill advised due to both M.E.G. presence and the chance that one may have to swim hundreds, if not thousands, of kilometers to get to land.

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