Level 46
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Class 2

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Level 46 Ruins, Photo taken when it was day.


Level 46 is the 47th Level of the Backrooms


Level 46 has the appearance of the Arabian Desert being dry, hot in day and cold in night, this level can be found in three states:

  • Day: When the sun is in the sky, temperatures reach 70 degrees Celsius, being fatal to human life.The only way to counteract this is to take refuge in the ruins that can be found in the place which seem to have special properties.
  • Night: The night is just as deadly, with temperatures dropping to -30 degrees Celsius which will lead to hypothermia from not being well equipped. As in the day, the ruins can be used as safe points because they have heat preservation properties.
  • Dawn: Dawn is the best time to explore this level, during this state the temperature varies between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius and the lighting, although dim, is enough for an exploration in conditions.

Contrary to what may be thought, the level does not follow a 24-hour pattern, instead there is a cycle between the 3 states in which they change in a period of time that seems to be random, below is a table with the registered states:

State Time
Day 6+ months
Night 1 year
Day 3 months
Dawn 3 years
Night Current

Regardless of the state in which the level is, sandstorms that cover it completely can appear. By themselves they are not a greater danger than one of the Frontrooms, their only true danger is that they bring Sand Spirits, dangerous entities that can attack you and sometimes kill you if you do not take cover, their only weakness is water, so an oasis is the best place to take refuge during one of these storms. Oasis are rare to find, they seem unaffected by the states and are the second best place to find water after the Base "Desert Rose". If you survive long enough, you might see a "Pyramid" in the distance. Entering the pyramid will lead you to Level 48.

The Ancient Ones:

The Ancient Ones is the way in which the civilization that populated Level 46 has been called, although what remains of its buildings does not seem very advanced, it is possible that what is known as "the cataclysm" has wiped out most of its buildings. It is theorized that this civilization may be affiliated with the Lost, since their language has similarities with the said group, although it seems that its entire population was exterminated, it is possible that a part has managed to migrate to one of the bases of this organization. It is unknown if the ancient ones have any relationship to Level 48 and its pharaoh although it is plausible.

What is certain is that they had a scientific level advanced enough to create astral charts and a prediction of the solar cycle much more accurate and extensive than the one created by the MEG. This information was recovered from the "Temple Scrolls" found in one of the Largest ruins found and currently used as a base of operations by the M.E.G. in this level. Although their language has not yet been deciphered, the illustrations shown in the manuscript suggest the existence of a "Higher Day" in which the temperatures would be sufficient to melt the rock. It is believed that this event was the one that ended this civilization.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

M.E.G. (A.k.a The "Major Explorer Group") Base "Desert Rose":

  • Can be seen in the distance from any of the level entrances.
  • Was created to explore the level and discover the secrets behind the Ancient Ones
  • Provides water and shelter to the wanderers.
  • It has a fixed population of around 20 people.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 46 can be accessed by walking 10 miles toward the desert in Level 80, you can also enter by finding a rusty and sandy door in Level 0, Level 1 and Level 21.


You can exit through the pyramid that takes you to Level 48 although it is not recommended, the easiest way to get out is to jump into an oasis this will take you to Level α leaving you on the beach completely dry. It is also possible that a completely intact ruin with an office door will take you to Level 4. Some certain parts of Level 46 that have a noticeably lower gravity gradually progress into the largest floating sand isle of Level 149.

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