Level 456

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Class 4G - Gravitational

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Gravitationally Unstable

The first image of Level 456.

Level 456 is the 457th level of the Backrooms. It is a glacier with strange gravitational properties and a highly toxic environment.


Lacking a day and night cycle, Level 456 is permanently stuck in a state of darkness. The low temperatures, averaging -68 degrees Celsius (-90.4 degrees Fahrenheit), cause death within hours of unprotected exposure. The harsh, cold environment contributes to the development of blizzards.


An image of Level 456 during a hailstorm.

Occasionally, storms will drop hailstones, composed of hazardous chemicals that alter the gravity around them. Further research on the chemicals has proven that they have a low chance to make one immune to the gravitational properties of the level; however, this is quite risky, as the chemicals have traces of liquid methane inside them. The liquid in the hailstones spreads by bursting out when the hail strikes the ground in a web-like pattern, causing lakes to form.

Gravitational levels can shift tremendously, causing fatalities or injuries due to flying objects or ice. During hailstorms, ice has been noted to fly sideways.

The level occasionally has lakes or ponds which contain the same liquid found in the hail.

Occasionally, one can find structures similar to an abandoned fallout shelter, with rubble on the ground and small concrete rooms. These hideouts contain the only edible items in the level. They span for hundreds of miles, interconnected via claustrophobic tunnels. Rarely, one can find a 'Frostbite Chamber' found deep in the boiler rooms of fallout shelters. These are extremely cold with temperatures as low as -98.8 degrees Celsius (-146 degrees Fahrenheit), causing death in mere minutes. As well as this, frostbite chambers contain a toxic gas emitting from an unknown source. This gas causes mild sickness after 4 minutes and death in 9, if the temperature somehow doesn't cause death first. Remaining in a shelter for too long is highly discouraged, as the shelters can be affected by gravitational shifts, causing difficulty whilst traversing them. Occasionally, one can find a GROAND nest made out of scrap and wood in one of the shelters.

The fallout shelters may be linked to a possible ancestor of the GROAND. This leads researchers to believe the level may have had wood and other resources in an ancient era, untouched by humans. The reason for the wipeout of these resources may be related to The Fluctus Pulsar; however, this is unconfirmed.

Changes as one ventures into the frontier include sudden increases in the size of the lakes and the amount of entities. The frontier has a pitch black sky without a celestial body.

Below the surface, there is a special type of ice called Profundus Ice (Also known as Sub-Terra Ice), which can cause regular fungal infections if one steps on it. The ice found on the surface is an abnormal form of ice named Superficies Ice (Also known as Terra Ice), which is not hazardous but is composed of strange chemicals unlike regular ice.

Profundus Ice Composition Superficies Ice Composition
Liquid Methane (CH₄) Boron Trifluoride (BF₃)
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Carbon Dioxide (CO₂)
Unknown Unknown

Gravitational Anomalies

The gravity on this level is heavily unstable and rapidly changing. At random points, the gravity in this level may become absurdly strong or weak. The gravity is known to shift, sometimes causing many major injuries, especially in the fallout shelters.


An image of The Fluctus Pulsar taken using thermal cameras.

Using advanced technology, researchers have discovered a strange gravitational pattern in the level nicknamed "The Fluctus Pulsar". This pattern communicates by shifting gravity around it via a strange process. Although invisible to the naked eye, it can be seen in thermal images as a red or orange gash. The pulsar is known to move erratically, causing heat waves.



An artist's rendition of a GROAND.

Commonly found in fallout shelters usually in packs of 6, GROANDS are lizard-like creatures that hunt on sight and eat whatever they are able to eat. They have extremely dense bones, which give them resistance to the environment of the level. Their skin is extremely thick, which they use to withstand extremely cold temperatures.
They are known to commonly burrow into the ice, causing them to have marks in their body. Additionally, their bodies contain the gravity-altering liquid, which gives them their gravitational abilities.

The unique Pruina resembles an 11-foot-tall bird. It is commonly found flying across the level near large lakes. It digs deep hideouts in the ice using drill-like claws engraved into its skin and carries Profundus Ice which it drops on unsuspecting victims. The Pruina is theoretically a deformed hybrid of the GROAND which underwent a massive decline in population, leaving only one remaining.

Entrances and Exits


One can end up here when entering a cold body of water which has a strange mold substance coming out of it.


Some frostbite chambers may contain a hidden door, one can enter this door to be sent back to where they came from.

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