Level 444
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Class 5

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Level 444 during a Post-Shift Event at the minute 07:18:0.05.

Level 444 is the 445th Level of the Backrooms. At the moment, it is one of the most difficult levels to travel through.


Level 444 is an unstable level that suffers from a significant Structural-Shift every 47-57 minutes. Each time Level 444 gets restructured (Now referred to as a Post-shift Event), the path will be completely different, and the main structure seems to be built randomly. Some walls appear to have no collision, and the furniture/objects are stuck inside. Several rooms are completely disorienting, some even without a pattern, confusing the sight of the wanderer.

During the various Post-Shift Events it is possible to notice some similarities with some objects, types of furniture, and structures of various levels:

For a full list, check the file AssetsFound.txt.

Level 444 has a massive manifestation of entities. After every Post-Shift Event, the entities will likely be: Deathmoths, Hounds, Skin Stealers, Smilers (Only when dark areas are present in the level after a Post-shift Event), Crawlers and Death Rats.

During unique Post-Shifts Events, it was possible noticing some similarities to certain entities that appear only in certain levels:

For a full list, check the file EntitiesFound.txt.

Something important to note is that Level 444 is completely devoid of objects of any kind. If you have to cross Level 444, make sure to have the following items with you:

Structural-Shift Event

Every 47-57 minutes, Level 444 will suffer a Structural-Shift Event. During this event, all the lights will go off instantly and Level 444 will change completely after the light gets turned on. The Structural-Shift Event lasts from 10 to 15 seconds. Flashlights appear not to work during this time.

During a single Post-Shift Event, 3/4 of the walls of Level 444 had a timer showing 2 hours left before the next Structural-Shift Event.

Colonies and Outposts

There are no Colonies or Outposts in Level 444 since it's inhabitable.


During one of the Post-Shift Events, the dead body of a wanderer was discovered stuck in a glitched wall. It is believed that it's the first individual that came across Level 444. A diary was uncovered in his backpack. The date is 09/09/1988:

Ok, I'm trapped here, I don't what the fuck is happening, but this Level keeps changing. Before it was a bunker hallway and now it's a fucking garage with… I don't know exactly. And worst of all, there are so many entities here, I always need to stay careful. I would prefer dying in Scene-00.5 or Scene-01.7 than here.

I didn't found anybody here, there's just me. Am I really that unlucky, or nobody ever went here? I have to contact someone from "The Leaders" as fast as possible.

Ok, the level changed again, now it's a fucking mall lounge, there's nothing and some of the walls don't let me pass. Fuck me. I don't have so much Almond Water left. I need to find some as soon as possible.

The level is now a… I don't know really, I''m just confused. There is furniture struck in the walls, like in a fucking video game. Some walls don't have anything, no materials, no pattern like they don't exist. On one of the walls, I found a closet and I found just a massive group of Death Rats that tried to kill me. I had to run away. I don't know if I can resist more in this place.

Ok, the world hates me, right? I found a wooden door, I was about to reach it, and a wall appeared from nothing and the door disappeared. I…just don't know anymore…

The level has been changed three times. Now… I'm really scared, what the fuck, seriously, the walls are full of eyes that keep watching me and texts saying "I See You" or "I Do What I Want". On a table there was a freaking photo of an unrecognizable man, it seems it was watching me. LITERALLY. Oh, Jesus, I'm REALLY fucked up.

Is someone watching me?




[The last eight pages are full with the text "The thing is here, it's watching me" and "I can't escape from It"]

Note: Further investigations about "The Leaders" are ongoing by the M.E.G.

Entrances And Exits:


To access Level 444 you need to enter a slightly damaged door of Level-1.


To exit Level 444 you need to find a wooden door. It doesn't need any kind of key, but it appears every 7/14 Structural-Shift Events and it's really hard to find. Once you entered it, you will find yourself in The Lounge of Level 176.

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