Level 43.5
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A photo of Level 43.5's entrance point, photographer is unknown.

Level 43.5 is a specified Sub-Layer within The Backrooms from Level 4.


Level 43.5's entrance is found within Level 4. This Level has visual similarities to Level 3 yet it being still technically in Level 4. The total area of Level 43.5 is unspecified. This area has been explored briefly and information and recounts of people’s experiences with it are limited. It is described as being generally more decayed then most previous levels and to contain an extreme lack of light sources; this warrants use of a flashlight or other means when navigating in this level. It is known to be exceptionally dry and to contain a strong smell of mold and dust. This Level is a strong contrast to its entrance in Level 4, Although it does not share a lot of the key features found within Level 4.

Level 43.3’s layout is composed of multiple medium sized rooms, similar in design to an industrial basement. These rooms contain many concrete pillars, exposed wiring (note: no running electricity has been found) and rusted metal piping throughout. A noticeable unopened door has been observed in the top left hand corner of one of the larger rooms, the only one of its type.

The Lost Cloak:

is a dark mass that has been rarely documented on Level 43.5, it is generally aggressive but has been observed to not attack on sight. A physical description of this entity vareys, though it is usually seen as being a large (1.5m across approx.) soundless, floating mass with a purple tint around its outsides.
Its aggressive label and common nickname has stemmed from the entities tendency to surround those who observe it in a flowing cloak-like fashion and kill them in a quick and subtle way. When being surrounded the entity may appear darker than previous and its purple tint may increase its brightness. It is unknown what method the Entity uses to kill its victims or why on occasion it does not attack. The Entity has not been sighted on other Levels. There is no known procedure to prevent attacks from the Entity. No other Entities have been documented in this area.

Colonies And Outposts:

No colonies or outposts exist in this area.

Entrances And Exits:

Entering and exiting Level 43.5 is very simple. Level 43.5's entrance/exit point seems to stay in a consistence position, using this is the most effective way to enter and exit. Exiting will most likely take you out into Level 4.

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