Level 414
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To whoever this may find,

You are formally invited to our home, Hortus Aeternus, to relax and find safety within our natural paradise.
Follow the shimmering vines, they shall reveal the path to you.

- Zinni


The flora shall break through time and space

to bring one and all to this peaceful place.

Mind the path, tend to the flowers,

for you shall be safe under our power.

For as long as you show no harm,

may Hortus Aeternus be your place to rest.



Class habitable

  • Plentiful Resources
  • Friendly Community
  • Safe from Harm

Welcome to our sanctuary.

Hortus Aeturnus is a grandiose botanical paradise, home to flowers and other flora across the land.

For years, this level laid quiet, hidden from the rest of the Backrooms. But now, by dictum of the High Bloom of the Bouquet, these flowery folk have begun to welcome wanderers into the garden.

Head Bloom Agno, did you approve of such a happening?

Yes. I think it is has been long enough that we have hid ourselves from them.

But are you sure we can trust them? Or must I remind you why we blocked off every conceivable entryway we have.

Egoni. That was eons ago by now. Almost all of the court agreed to this choice.

We are only allowing one for now, simply to gauge how they will act. From there, we will decide whether or not we continue on with this plan. Please, my dear…

If it's only one, then… *sigh* Agno my beloved, are you positive you will be able to handle the situation where this goes wrong?

Well, I certainly did not become Head Bloom by acting willy-nilly now, did I?

*laughs* Well, I do suppose you're right.


A giant botanical garden and park, Hortus Aeternus is filled to the brim with lush forests and colourful gardens. Eternally spring, the temperature sits at a nice 23°C/73°F, and a nice dewy breeze drifts through the land, permanently scented with flowers.

The Urban Overgrowth


We can co-exist.

This locale is the main town where most of the level's civilisation resides, primarily consisting of the native humanoid species, the Ivlania. A gigantic greenhouse constructed on a mountain, one can find a multitude of shops, cafes, and other needed resources here. These resources are mostly composed of natural material such as fruit, vegetables, and other plant-based matter.

The current population here totals up to approximately 300 Ivlania, but there are many more residing across the whole of Hortus Aeternus.


Life is comfortable.

Housing within this area combines modern man-made design with the ever-growing natural surroundings. Furnishings are primarily constructed of stone and wood, with vines snaking over the walls and supports.

Houses do not have a power source; however they use special, level-native crystals as a replacement. These crystals have many functions depending on their colours; however the most common ones ordinarily seen within households are red (utilised for heating) and blue (utilised for chilling/freezing).

The Great Floral Valley


The natural landscape is a wonder.

Extending for miles upon miles, the valley is the great connector between many of the level's most beautiful landmarks and hotspots to visit. The Ivlania were said to have first awoken within this field, so the valley holds significant cultural merit as well as beauty.

The many Ivlania that live here can sometimes be found either tending to, or picking the flowers from the valley. Many make wreaths from the many blooms that thrive here, choosing certain flowers to bring things such as vitality and joy to their home.

In addition to acting as a place to bless life, it also functions as a sanctuary to bless death and the passing of Ivlania. Whenever an Ivlania wilts, a ceremony is held to remember them, and allow their soul to re-enter the cycle of blooms.

Everspring Atrium


The beacon of hope.

In the centre of the land stands Everspring Atrium, the home of the Bouquet. This beautiful castle is the home of the source, the very thing which keeps the land alive.

The Bouquet is a council that consists of around 25 chosen Ivlania, picked by the source itself. Each of these Ivlania holds a specific position within the Bouquet: overseeing towns, maintaining the greenhouses that home Ivlania, quality testing crystals that power homes, etc. Should a member of the Bouquet wilt, another is quickly chosen to take their place, as they all play a very vital role in ensuring the perpetuity of Hortus Aeturnus.

No one is sure how the source chooses new members of the Bouquet. However, the Head Bloom, the overseer of the Bouquet, is always voted on by the council first, and they thereupon undergo a trial where they meet the source personally. Should the source accept the selected Ivlania, they will become the new Head Bloom, and will tap into a never-ending source of knowledge.

Should the chosen not succeed in their trial…


The garden continues to grow.

That's all the main locations you'd need to know about here! Anything else you'll probably just find with enough exploring! So, what do you wanna know next?

Could you tell me about the Ivlania then? I'm very curious about what makes you… well, you! I hope that isn't too invasive, Zinni.

Oh, of course you can ask! I'll tell you as much as I can off the top of my noggin!

The Ivlania


Ivlania are a humanoid, plant-like species that live within Hortus Aeturnus. They are sentient and highly intelligent, having developed a civilisation, infrastructure and a hierarchy.


A sketch of Head Bloom Agno, provided by vir partner, Egoni.


Ivlania come in all shapes and sizes, and have a lifespan far beyond that of the average human. However, Ivlania will always have the following notable features:

  • A flower covering the entirety of their head, save for their mouth and jaw.
  • Leaf-shaped sleeves that hide their vine-like hands.

Ivlania have approximately 4 stages of growth: Seedlings, Buddings, Flowerings, and Blossoms. Ivlania flowerheads do not properly bloom until they are nearing the end of their Budding phase, and Blossoms are the longest stage of their life. The fifth and final phase is the Wilting phase, where Ivlania begin to lose their petals, their colour, but most importantly, their life.

The flower that blooms from their head also represents the name that Ivlania have.1


Surprisingly, there is no recorded history for when the Ivlania first came to be, despite their high intelligence. Some say they have existed for hundreds of years, others speculate it to be shorter than that. But one thing is agreed upon amongst the species: the source blessed them with their life and the gifts they have, and for that they are grateful.

So far, the human seems to be adapting well. The Buddings and Flowerings of the undergrowth have taken a liking to them too. The integration has been a success. We could have… more sooner.


Agno? Are you alright? You've… seemed different since the trial.

I… *sigh* Oh Egoni, why was I chosen?

What happened with the source-

I should have never been allowed in there! I should not know what I know! The source should never have accepted me and-

Agno, my love, please! Calm down… tell me what happened.

I- I can't. Egoni, if I tell you what I learnt… I worry you'll be in the same state as me.

Agno. We have been through everything together. I will always support you as you have always supported me. If you have a burden, I will share it with you… so please, tell me what happened.

Egoni. The humans were never banished. We never left to begin with.

There's a part of the land where none dare tread: The Ashen Field. The last stand of the old humans before their banishment.

They were greedy. They took, they burned, they trampled, never once showing respect for the land that granted them life.

One day, the land had enough.

One by one, nature stole the humans away, off to fates unspoken of. The humans tried to escape, but it was far too late— the land had them trapped within, and it took back what rightfully belonged to it: life.

When the humans were gone, everything was quiet.

Nothing spoke.

Nothing sang.

The land grew lonely.

And so the land gave back life.

It thought that if it made humans in its own image, they could care for it the way it wanted them to. It would no longer be lonely; would no longer lay forgotten.

As it made, it planted seeds in their minds: seeds to forget, seeds to learn.

It needed one they could trust, someone to ensure that the land bloomed and prospered in its image.

And so, the first Bloom and Bouquet were made.

The Bloom would know its secret. Only the Bloom could handle knowing its truth.

It would watch in silence as it began to regrow, blooming unlike anything it had seen before.

And it wept. It wept with joy as its life was once more treasured.


What will happen if the source doesn't like me?

Oh, if the source didn't trust you, it would have guided you away from our lands already!

So does that mean… the source accepts me?

Hehehe, you'd have to ask Agno about that! Ve would know what the source thinks!

Ah, right. Only the Head Blooms directly interact with the source…



Should you ever desire entry into this place, follow the shimmering vines. They can appear in almost any level you may be currently residing within, unless the level lacks sunlight or has something physically preventing access from outside sources.2 Should you follow the vines successfully, the entryway shall be opened for you, indicated by a grand archway woven with vines and flowers.


Should you ever wish to leave, simply desire it. You will find a stone pathway with flowering bushes on either side, which will guide you to another safe area that will often be connected to nature. Pay heed to the flowers you see, as they can serve as an indicator as to where you may be heading.

Pansies Level 10, Level 29
Dandelions Level 11, Level 125
Hibiscus Level 48, Level 149
Morning Glory Level 63
Roses Level 90, Level 186
Cherry Blossoms Level 178
Honeysuckle Level 224

I wouldn't worry about it though! I mean, have you not heard the way the land sings to your presence? How the breeze guides you to where it wants you to go? How the flowers face you with such adoration?

The source loves you. It has missed your presence…

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