level 404
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have you forgotten your time here already?

level 404 is the 404th circle of heaven. don't you remember?


level 404 is a place where the planes intersect and bisect and bend in the way that a suffering hard drive breaks under the weight of the data you feed it. in level 404 you may find yourself developing a consciousness. should this occur, cut it out of your head with the sharpest piece of the sky you can find

things are broken here, but it's your home. in level 404, you find yourself unable to think straight. you find yourself unable to think in circles. you speak about her level 404 in hushed whispers. isn't it a shame, what happened here? how you never saw her again?


lose yourself in the data

where are these words coming from? you wonder, but why are you asking, my dear? don't you know yourself better than anyone else? you document it feverishly as the ground flickers beneath your feet. you like it here, the geometry whispers. what a beautiful world.

in level 404, reality is failing in the most perfect way. as the 3d mesh glitches, memories cloud your mind and still your hands. it's a lovely day outside. why don't we go for a walk, you and i? there's no one else around, just you and the erroring landscape. you're so delightfully, refreshingly alone that you're drowning on sweet air, like a surface waiting for holes.


when you were a small child you found your own personal digital heaven and you met a girl there whose code was chiseled by the gods. she laughed in hexadecimal and took your hand and guided you to the skybox and then you forgot her forever

aren't you happy? aren't you excited? you've finally found your empty paradise. come home.

bases, outposts, and communities


  • your memories
  • your own mind

entrances and exits


level 404 can be accessed by safely and conveniently entering catatonia.


why would you ever want to leave paradise?

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