Level 401
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Level 401, shown from one of its several hallways.

Level 401 is the 402nd Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered some time in 1998. It is known by its residents as Hotel Vymir.


Level 401 is a large labyrinth of hallways, rooms, and lobbies that resembles a cheap hotel interior. It has been assumed to be infinite, but it actually loops. As in, if you travel in one direction for several hours, you will end up back in the same location. The interior design of this level is similar to a cheap hotel from the 1980s.

Due to the repeating pattern of the hotel, it is hard to determine how many rooms there are. At least 40 unique rooms have been counted, with approximately 10 "residents" living there at any given time. Sleeping in one of the hotel rooms for more than 7 days will eventually turn you into a Faceling, so do not consider using this place as a permanent home.

Food and water can often be found on this level, though it often has a foul taste. Most of the napkins, silverware, etc., contain the word "VYMIR", so wanderers refer to this level as 'Hotel Vymir".


A typical hotel room found on Level 401.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Hotel Vymir Residents:

As mentioned, wanderers that spend more than 7 days will eventually become a Faceling, or at least an entity that resembles a Faceling. They are docile and almost always unresponsive, but occasionally walk around and in between rooms. Should be considered harmless. You can ask them to take you out of the level, and they'll gladly lead you out.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 400 contains several doors that lead directly into Level 401, through inappropriate doors. For example. some doors lead into hotel bathrooms, or directly into a janitorial closet. Walking out of the door you came through will lead into the appropriate location in the hotel.


There isn't a proper exit door that you can stumble across on this level. The only way to leave is to ask an employee of the hotel to guide you out, or one of the Facelings. Otherwise, you will just walk around in circles. Another more dangerous way to leave is through a rarely appearing Window in some hotel rooms, which can lead to Level 188.

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