Level 39
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Level 39 is the 40th Level of The Backrooms. It appears to be an infinite hallway of mirrors.


Level 39 is a set of mirrors that will randomly appear on different levels. If you noclip into the mirrors, they will lead to a place called "The Reflection".

The Reflection:

The Reflection is an infinite hallway of even more mirrors, but, if looked through, instead of seeing your reflection, you will see through other mirrors in different levels (Example: you can look through the mirror on your side and see other people looking back in a different level, like a window, but on their side, they can only see their reflection, like a normal mirror, but they can still see you inside their reflection as if you were behind them).

Entities can not enter these mirrors. Only one Entity has been sighted, they're called "Your Reflections", they will look like a hazy version of yourself, they're like a ghost. Their voices are very glitchy, and all of them will act differently, some will just stand there, some will communicate with you, some will copy your movements and actions, and some will be hostile and attack you.

If you noclip through these mirrors it will take you back to the Level you see in the mirror, or it will send you to another reality of the Backrooms.

The Backrooms Reflection

When you enter this reality, your vision will have the same haze as the Entities from before. This version of the Backrooms is very similar to ours, with slight differences, or completely different versions of already existing Levels. For example, a big change is that "Level 11" is a "Tightrope Maze", instead of "Our Level 11" which is an infinite city, "Level 10" is referred to the "Marble Gardens" which has little information about it, and small changes like "Level 31" in our reality, being renamed to "Level 9". No one thus far knows why this alternate Backrooms exists.

Entrances And Exits:

To enter "The Reflection", you will need to find a random mirror, and noclip into it; to exit, just head back to the mirror you came from, or enter a different Level through other mirrors, to tell which reality is ours, our mirrors will not have that hazy effect, while their mirrors, will always have this hazy effect, for as long as your in their reality. but you can just leave and enter these mirrors until they disappear.

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