Level 389.1
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Class 3

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Level 389.1 is a Sub-Level in between Level 389 and Level 390. It is the singular home to Entity 98.


Level 389.1 is what appears to be an unfinished basement from an older time, with the walls decorated in a Victorian-era style. Rooms on this Level are normally very large and open, not a single door has been found on the Level. The walls of the Level are made of drywall, though some are unfinished enough to reveal insulation. There is little light within the Level, however, hanging lamps can be found as well as hanging lightbulbs, though uncommonly. The floor of the Level is completely covered by the assumedly endless sleeves of Entity 98. It is unknown what is under these sleeves of her dress, though it is widely assumed to be cement. Movement of the sleeves has been deemed unsafe, due to the nature of Entity 98, and her full control over them.

No other Entities reside on Level 389.1 besides Entity 98. There is a theory that she may have exterminated every other Entity, but there is no evidence currently that proves this. At random points noises may be heard that imply an Entity, i.e. scratching, screaming, clicking, etc., but none have been found. The sleeves on the floor may shift at random times. It is widely accepted that this is a casual movement of Entity 98.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no bases, outposts or communities on this Level. It was assumedly eradicated by Entity 98.

Entrances And Exits:


There is a doll present in Level 389, which when interacted with, will transport you to Level 389.1. Entity 99 has attempted to keep this doll hidden for some time, but she seems to have some trouble doing this.


No clipping is not safe in this Sub-Level. If you ask Entity 98 to leave nicely, she will usually let you out by making a hole in the sleeves you will fall through. However, the Level you end up in is not consistent, and there is a significant chance you may be transported to a Negative Level.

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