Level 389
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Level 389 is the 390th level of the Backrooms.


The floor of Level 389.


Level 389 is a massive collection of rooms and hallways, filled with completely random decorations and objects. The walls and layout of this level often change without warning, but there seems to be a lot of well lit areas as well as extremely dark areas. The common theme of the level is that it is full of strange "games". A single entity inhabits this level, Entity 99, who calls herself "the Game Master". She is a malevolent being who seems obsessed with chaos and "breaking the rules". In order to leave this level, you must beat her at one of her games.

Throughout the entire level are random assortments of puzzles, board games, and video games, with strange rules and deformities, many of which are potentially dangerous. A list of some of the games found in this room are listed below.

  • A game of dice, using dice made of large rocks
  • A table with Monopoly on it, using Philippine pesos instead of fake money
  • A game of "pin the tale on the parrot", with a bird that resembles Jerry
  • A Rubik's cube with "elemental" colors (green has the texture of grass, red is fire, blue feels like water, etc)
  • A chess game with an extremely long board
  • A deck of cards. The suits and numbers of the cards will change when someone isn't looking at them, sometimes in ways that don't make sense like a red ace of spades
  • A table with connect 4 on it, with each piece made of colored Gallium
  • A laptop connected to a game of 'Call of Duty: Ghosts', bullets shot at the player travel through the screen into reality
  • A baseball practice machine that shoots balls made of lead, comes with a metal baseball bat
  • A Nintendo 64 plugged into a TV, with 2 controllers. The only game is an extremely buggy copy of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
  • A table with a game called "Hungry Hungry Hippos", using live miniature hippos
  • A kiddie-pool with a fishing rod next to it; The water is filled with small worms that make you forget
  • A table with a game of "Operation" on it, using actual organic body parts

The games listed here sometimes change, so be prepared for anything if you dare venture here. The game master claims winning these games "gives me more and more power, enough to finally leave". Whether she means leaving Level 389 or the backrooms itself is unclear. Due to only one person being allowed in this level at any given time, no one actually knows what happens to people who lose the games. Only people who have bested the Game Master have reported what was in this level.


An area of Level 389 that is being altered by the game master.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no communities or outposts on this level. This is impossible, as only one person can be on this level at any given time.

Entrances And Exits:


On many different Levels, it is possible to find a checkerboard printed door that leads directly into Level 389. However, the most common way to enter this level is to be "chosen" to play with the game master. How this works is unclear, but many wanderers claim to just "end up" in the Gaming Hall, which the game master somehow made happen.


The only way to exit Level 389 is by beating the game master at one of her games. All the games are rigged in her favor, so this is a challenge. The only way to win is to break the rules without being caught. If you manage to catch the game master cheating, calling her out on it somehow forces her to stop. If you are able to beat her, you will be allowed to exit the room. Where you exit too at this point is random, but it is usually a safer level that can lead you back to The Hub.

Alternatively, a doll can rarely be found hidden away on this Level. If you interact with this doll, you will be transported to Level 389.1. The Game Master appears to try to hide this doll, however, she doesn't have much success in this goal.

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