Level 377
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Class 5

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M.E.G. Warning

This Level has mentions of suicide in it, and this Level is not for the squeamish, be prepared.


Picture illustrating Level 377 .

Level 377 is the 378th Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered on 10/23/20.

Level 377 is a seemingly empty National Park Service Parking Lot, particularly the Blue Ridge Parkway offices. It is also one of the weakest links of the Backrooms.


Level 377 is an abandoned National Park Service Office Parking out. This level is mainly devised into six parts, the Trial, the Abandoned House, the Cliff, the Parking Lot, Forest, and the Cave.


The trail is the main part of Level 377. This is a well-traveled trail, with a defined pathway. However, it is not paved, and because at this level the season is always Fall, the trail might be covered up. This trail extends for 1.5 miles, and when you traverse, Shadow Entities will harass you. At the end of the trail, you will reach the Cliff.

Abandoned House


Picture illustrating The Abandoned House .

This will likely be the first thing you see when you wake up in Level 377. The house appears to be an NPS Office. However, this office is in a state of disrepair. The leaves are everywhere, many roof tiles have fallen off, and at the back of the office, several chunks of wood are missing. The first part of the Abandoned house is paranormal but still relatively fine—there is a faint heartbeat, and you get the feeling that something is watching/monitoring you. The insides, however, are much different. The lobby is relatively normal, also in a state of disrepair, but there is a sign in blood reading "DANGER: GO BACK". After exiting any door that leads further into the office, you will enter a very…odd scene. The rest of the abandoned house is to be referred to as The Flesh

The Flesh

The flesh is literally flesh, the anything in the insides of the Abandoned House is a human part. Most hallways are normal, but doorways are a red gooey substance. Each room is something different, and it is believed that each room is randomly generated. The insides do not follow Euclidean geometry and physics. There are multiple rooms. The most worrying thing is that sometimes, the faces of those who jumped off of the Cliff appear (See Cliff). There are also entities called "Flesh Entities."Sometimes, hands will appear from the walls and grab a Wanderer, sucking them in and turning them into faces.


At the end of the Trail is the Cliff. At this point, the Trail stops and comes to a sheer cliff face. There is no bottom it is just a lot of clouds. All points of the Forest end here. Warning: Wanderers will feel a strong urge to jump off the Cliff, however, jumping off means certain death or worse. The Shadow Entities are there so they could stop you from going to the Cliff.

Parking Lot

The Parking Lot is where everyone ends up when they get to this level, for the most part, the Parking Lot is empty, it is devoid of any vehicles, and there are a few trash cans around. Surrounding the Parking Lot is a 3-foot tall stone wall. Overlooking the wall is the Void. In the back of the parking lot are the trail and a small campsite, at the campsite, there is a large tent, a lawn chair, a dumpster fire, and a shop stand. Sitting on the lawn chair is Jared, he is willing to trade but will warn you not to go on the trail.



Picture illustrating The Forest .

The Forest is probably the most dangerous place on the Level, second to the Abandoned House. In the Forest is numerous Entities, and the trees that grow there are native to North Carolina. The Forest extends for an infinite amount of distance. However, the farther you go into the forest, the darker it gets, the thicker the trees, and more and more entities will appear. Soon you will walk so far the trees are so thick it is impossible to pass through the wall of trees. However, when walking right up to the Wall of trees, some WiFi signals pick up. The WiFi is similar to the Frontrooms WiFi, so far, multiple signals pick up. (See Frontrooms access theory)


The cave is considered the weakest link in this Level. When walking along the Trail, there will be a slight but noticeable diverge from the trail. This leads to an abandoned Mineshaft, there is a rusted rail and multiple crates full of Firesalt, about 1500 meters in, the Mineshaft stops and there is a break in the cave. This leads to a cave, and every 50 meters or so, the cave gets a lot smaller. This continues until it is so small that only Death Rats can squeeze through. However, for some unknown reason, Death Rats are deathly scared of this tunnel and will turn back when in a chase. A small sliver of light can be seen after 4 meters or so, leading many to believe that is the Frontrooms. However, this can be never proven as the rock is also shown to be impenetrable. It is recommended to bring a torch and some Smiler Exterminator as many Smilers and the occasional Skin-stealer inhabit this cave. Bringing a Firearm is also recommended.

Colonies And Outposts

Jared's Market

Jared is a person who stays in a tent at the end of the Parking Lot. He sells Almond Water, Ammunition, Smiler Exterminator, and Torches in exchange for canned or hot food and firesalt. Every once in a while, he may sell a Level key. He is supplied by an unknown benefactor who appears once every two weeks.

Shadow Entities

Most people do not know what happens to the people who jump off the Cliff, as there is no bottom. However, there is evidence that these people turn into Shadow Entities. These entities never appear directly in the line of sight, but rather appear near or at the edge. If you get lucky, you can catch one in a photograph. These entities are mostly harmless but will induce a wave of voices into your head. These voices will repeated whisper, telling you to not go to the cliff. Some recorded sayings are "The Cliff is dangerous." "Turn back now" "Leave" and "This is a final warning", the last one only appears when 250 meters or closer to the Cliff. This will heavily affect your sanity, so it is good to bring a lot of Almond Water

Flesh Entities

Flesh Entities are entities that only occur within The Flesh. As stated, they are made completely out of flesh, particularly human flesh. They are humanoid, but tower over humans, standing at 7 feet. They are very hostile and dangerous and will try to turn you into another Flesh Entity. They are very stupid but are fast, they can run up to 15 kilometers an hour. When they get close enough, they will latch on to you using a spiked tongue that comes from their "mouth". They will then inject a liquid into the victim, and turn them into another Flesh Entity. The best way to stop them is by either a) shooting them in the head, b) shooting the legs, or c) severing the arms. It is best to sever the legs, as they will still pursue you even after shooting their head and arms. The best thing you can bring is a firearm, as the venom is instantaneous1.

Frontrooms Access Theory

Many people believe due to the very odd circumstances of this level, people might be able to access the Frontrooms. This theory is supported by two things. One, you can pick up WiFi signals at the edge of the Forest. These WiFi Signals aren't the backroom's kind, with all of the jumbled letters, it actually has Frontrooms store's name. The second part is the small sliver in the rock, based on the structure of the Level, the cave extends past the cliff. However, it is shown that there is a small light at the end. There have been a few reports of sounds of cars beeping and driving past, leading many to believe that the rock actually extends to the Frontroom's Blue Ridge Parkway. However, due to the impenetrableness of the stone, this cannot be proven in any way.

Memory Anomaly

The Memory Anomaly is a phenomenon where a Wanderer who survived in Level 377 will mostly forget about anyone that jumped off of the cliff, there are three parts to this phenomenon.

Mostly forgetting about that person.

When the Wanderer exits Level 377, most of their memories about that person who jumped off the Cliff will disappear. At most, they will remember that person's name, however, most of the time, they just forget who that person is.

Unexplained mark out.

When the Wanderer exits Level 377, all instances of the person who jumped off of the cliff (in the form of pictures and videos) will have that person blacked out with marker, this is unexplained as al Person's of Intrest repeatedly denied having or remembering blacking out the person with a marker.

Absence of memory depicting the suicide.

Any instance of the Wanderer remembering the event will disappear when the Wanderer leaves the level.

Do's and Don't's


  • Come heavily equipped, there is a reason why this is Survival Difficulty 5
  • Get out as fast as you can
  • Prepare yourself mentally
  • Bring lots of Almond Water, it is essential here.
  • Listen to warnings.


  • Do anything the opposite I said
  • Be stupid
  • Be curious

Entrances And Exits:


  • Go through the Mirror with the fall leaves in Level 39
  • Imagining a park trail in Level 18


  • Jumping into the Void might take you to Level 0 or Level 1. WARNING: There is a slight chance that you might die.
  • If you gain the trust of Jared, he will tell the mysterious stranger to bring you to Level 0, you will pass out, and wake up in Level 0.
  • If you go far enough in The Flesh, there will be a small chance for a door that is golden, not red. Going through will get you to Level 11.
  • No-clipping through the House will get you to Level 88.

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