Level 372
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The outer section of Level 372.

Level 372 is the 373rd Level of the Backrooms.


The central area of Level 372 changes seemingly at random, staying static anywhere from a few minutes to several days; afterwards, a "restructuring event" occurs. The appearance of this section is highly variable and can range anywhere from a mundane, frontrooms-style area to a futuristic or fantastic setting. Though highly unpredictable, there are some specific appearances which the level frequently takes on. These have been assigned the designations Room 372.1 through Room 372.4. Although it can be infinite, this central area usually has a finite size that can range anywhere from a single room to an entire city. Outside of the central area of Level 372 is a desert of white sand with a starless, black sky above it. Any objects originating in Level 372 turn into similar white sand when they are taken out of the level. Iterations of Level 372 are often populated by what seem to be humans; however, they display very low cognitive ability and are affected by exiting the level similarly to the level's objects. During "restructuring events", any Wanderers inside of Level 372 feel as though they have been knocked unconscious. When they awake, the appearance of Level 372 will have changed.

There is one entity that is always present within the level, henceforth referred to as The Kid. This entity appears to be a young boy with short brown hair. The Kid will respond to attempts at conversation; however, he has almost no memory of previous days and will be confused when questioned about Level 372's abnormalities.


  • Room 372.1 is a small, 3-bedroom house with peeling wallpaper. Often present alongside The Kid in this room is an adult female, and a male child, and an adult male. These act as The Kid's family. Unlike the other 2 inhabitants of this room who take the form of regular humans, the adult male resembles Inspector Gadget, as depicted in the 1999 film of the same name.
  • Room 372.2 is a one-story school building containing many children that appear to be around secondary school age. Although teachers are present, they rarely teach classes there; instead, students often converse with each other and play on the playground located outside of the building.
  • Room 372.3 is a two-story house, home to an additional family of four. Several other children are usually present in this room as well. They can often be found playing in the yard behind the house.
  • Room 372.4 is a seemingly infinite forest. The outskirts of the level cannot be accessed from this room due to its infinite size. It is always night time in this room, and it is light by a starry sky with a waxing gibbous moon. In this room, a tall, shadowy figure can be seen chasing The Kid. When this figure catches up to him, a restructuring event occurs.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 372 can be accessed through a door in Level 60 or through a station on Level 72.


When walking into the outer section of the level, wanderers report their vision fading to white and appearing in Level 124.


Joshua Day, a member of M.E.G. Track Mappers Team "Alice" mistakenly ingested a small amount of Liquid Pain that he had mistaken for almond water while inside Room 372.4. Shortly after this, a restructuring event occurred, during which Day remained conscious. He reported his surroundings fading into darkness. During this time, Day reported hearing a slow beeping sound, indistinct voices, and several unidentifiable shuffling sounds. This event lasted for several minutes. After which, Day was returned to M.E.G. base Beta and made a full recovery.

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