Level 369

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Nature lives within everything, you just have to see it.


Class Habitable

  • Safe
  • Habitable
  • Devoid of Harm

Level 369 in its typical appearance.


Tucked away within the far reaches of The Backrooms, an ever-beautiful and ever-floral garden known as Level 369 resides, locked within walls of pastel-painted, pristine plaster and brick. This indoor construction is far from a prison for these wondrous growths of nature. Rooms generate in various simple and compound shapes in an abundance of sizes, each one purposely sized to fit just what each flora needs. Some rooms may be adapted with bright white skylights; others may be painted in a variety of smooth, pastel colours from across the colour spectrum; or they may even have proprietary, curved walls that bend in obtuse ways. It is not always clear why some rooms contain one particular style over another, as there are no consistent aesthetical patterns that match the various rooms besides the physical layouts. However, the flora loves it all the same.

Rooms are interconnected sparsely with doors, although oftentimes the fractal-like, compound, and irregular shapes of the rooms means individuals will always be able to keep within the same room for hours before needing to pass through to another. The floor of each of the extravagant rooms are paved from corner to corner in luscious herbage from all corners of the earth. Various grass species and unassuming flowers make up the natural carpet of the floor, and are barely tall enough to brush even the shins of passing travellers. Oftentimes, however, bush-like growths, elegant—almost alien—flora, fruits & vegetables, and even angelic budding sprouts of soon-to-be eyecatching trees.

Light, although ever-abundant from occasional skylights and hanging spotlights within the ceiling, oftentimes weaves its way into the open areas through ways only described as supernatural. With no determinate origin nor boundaries, the light flows in large quantities from room to room. Basking everything from the walls to the flowers in a warm, soothing embrace, as if it had come from the earth itself. As this light elegantly passes on, stopping at every room it can, the level of light returns to its usual state. This allows the plants that prefer the darkness to readjust to its their preferred temperature and lightlessness. Plants that would otherwise be dangerous, such as any vegetation containing nettles, thorned stems, or even ones that exhibit poisonous qualities do not harm wanderers on Level 369's wanderers. Instead, the most these plants achieve is a brief, almost ticklish sensation that quickly subsides when moving away from them.


Vines hang from Level 369 as it transitions to darkness.

A calm, modest breeze constantly blows through the large and empty rooms, oftentimes echoing in pleasant cacophonies similar to a pleasant spring day. This breeze has no singular origin, and likely exists purely out of its own will, coupled with the fact that the sheer size of the landscape itself allows its own wind and weather to accumulate and impassively maneuver as they please. The latter of the two phenomena appears in the form of sprinklers that activate the second the breeze becomes too high. Though mostly containing fresh, nourishing minerals for the plants to take in, the makeup of the water also contains an abundance of edible flower foods and nutrient-rich gas that, whilst working inordinately well for the plants that were designed to take it in, are also innately harmless for human consumption. Whilst this mix of comestible gas and fresh water is far from a filling, nutritional meal, the sustenance it does provide is ample enough to survive on permanently, should one wish to sacrifice the joy that comes from proper meals, especially ones that can be made from Level 369's flora.


Choice of direction never ceases.


The only creatures of Level 369 are its ever present, ever burgeoning flora. Due to the vast infinity of this alluring landscape, wanderers have no one to interact with but the vegetation themselves. The flowers and grama are known to sing elegantly and eloquently to those that are nearby, should the wind blow in the right direction at the right time. These flowers survive through thick and thin, withstanding everything from the strongest of human steps, to the most champion pulls at the stems, leaves, or petals one can attempt to muster. The entities of Level 369, despite lacking the appropriate tools to express sensitiveness, are always thankful for the care and donations of exhaled air, which the flora are always happy to regift back in a structure more suitable for human survival. Cherish botany elsewhere as you would within these many walls, the entities here are always thankful for such kindness.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Level 369's vast, unquantifiably large space isolates all individuals who come within it, even with the vast majority of its entrances being ones seldom achieved in groups. As such, large-scale inhabitancy has never occurred, with the only communities forming being those that choose to lose themselves and bask in the personality and love the vegetation exudes. As sustaining ones own life, as well as the lives of quadrillions of others, is incredibly easy, permanent habitation of Level 369 is attainable, so long as individuals are prepared to pass by the need for interactions with other beings of man. This, in spite of the extra attention the flowers could receive, is not recommended.

Entrances And Exits:


Dark areas often lead elsewhere.


  • Attempting to flee The Skeleton Queen in Level 32 may cause one to noclip to this level;
  • Falling down some of the mouths within Level 65 can cause one to instead fall into Level 369;
  • Climbing up a rope connected to the top of a tree in Level 234 will seamlessly noclip oneself to here.


  • Passing through any walls that look as though they're made of curtains will lead to Level 165;
  • Walking into dead-end rooms that are completely pitch black may lead to Level 194, Level 260, or Level 302;
  • Large archways of vines and flowers lead to Level 414.

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