Level 356
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Class 1

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A photo of the "Starting Hall".


A photo of the hall called "With A Twist".

Level 356 is the 357th Level of The Backrooms.


Level 356 is a level that is thousands of different hallways, that seem to randomly change appearance. It is possible that there is more hallway variants, but only four have been discovered. No Entities have been seen, but there are rare reports of Smilers.

The Starting Hall:

The starting hallway is a hallway that, like the name represents, is the first hallway in Level 356. It contains a board on the right wall, featuring a lot of sticky notes with each of them having one of these 3 messages: TOLONG KAMI, PARA SMILERS MENGEJARKU or KITA TAK BISA MELARIKAN DIRI DARI MEREKA. These notes when translated, are about a Wanderer getting chased by a Smiler.

With A Twist:

"With A Twist" is a nickname for a hallway in Level 356 with a high roof, power containment on the right, and wood on the left. At the end of "with a twist" is an exit sign with a little room inside it, and on the right of the little room is a door. Don't trust that door, because it will send you to Level 601.


Noclip?_true is a blank hallway in Level 356. This hallway may seem empty, but it's not. It features a note laying on the ground, reading "Jerry is what we live for. Do not deny him. To see him in his glory, walk towards the end of the hallway and open the door. You'll visit him soon." This note replicates that there IS an entrance to Jerry's Room. You get to this hallway by noclipping in Level 356, which normally would lead to the "Negative Levels" in other Levels. No pictures have been taken of this hall.

Exit Hall:

The Exit Hall is another Hallway in Level 356. This hall will have a double door, with an exit sign above it. This door will lead to a random Level, while going back will lead you back to Level 356.

Entrances And Exits:

To enter, you must go past 'Door 105' to 'Door 356' in "Level 21" and you'll end up here. To exit, find the "Exit Hall" and enter the double doors, then you will spontaneously teleport to a random Level.

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