Level 352

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bHZsMzUy: Speak No Evil
Class: Variable No Ensured Security Variable Entity Count

351 353



Storage Units in bHZsMzUy.

Discovered on September 25th, 1998, bHZsMzUy appears as a procedurally-generated storage unit complex of an indeterminate size. bHZsMzUy is entirely composed of corridors lined with various storage units numbered in a pseudo-randomized order. bHZsMzUy appears to lack any distinguishing features, asides from the occasional door opposite of T-junctions and a rare case of litter located on the floors of bHZsMzUy. bHZsMzUy is illuminated by many series of fluorescent lightbulbs lining both the ceilings, and rarely, the walls of the level.

Within the many storage units of bHZsMzUy, one can expect to find various different kinds of cardboard and plastic containers, each of which containing various items that the subject may remember from a previous time in their lives, with most reporting the presence of an old, worn-down stuffed animal and various scratched-out photographs of the subject’s family; however, among the piles of nostalgia, Clumps have been recorded to be placed in the deeper regions of the pile as to stay hidden while their prey are scavenging the storage unit.

The danger that bHZsMzUy poses to the Backrooms is its unique invasive behavior. When an individual speaks or documents merely the level’s designation, bHZsMzUy will immediately materialize within a radius of 91 meters from the subject. This anomalous effect does not last when spoken in speech, and instead stops at the level’s restrictions; however, once bHZsMzUy is mentioned in a physical or digital document, the effect will continue for as long as the document is either destroyed, abandoned, or deleted. bHZsMzUy can understand any language which utilizes the Latin alphabet, or some variation thereof, including various languages such as French, Spanish, Polish, Vietnamese, and English; however, bHZsMzUy has displayed an inability to manifest when the offender mentions its name in a language utilizing a different alphabet, such as Cyrillic, Greek, or Arabic. Abnormally, bHZsMzUy also does not react toward base-64 or hexadecimal, despite its utilization of the Latin alphabet. Currently, bHZsMzUy is being contained via advising wanderers to avoid mentioning bHZsMzUy at all costs, and instead refer to the level as “bHZsMzUy”, the level’s name written in base-64.

As stated previously, the only consistent entity in bHZsMzUy are the clumps hidden within most storage units on bHZsMzUy beneath each unit’s many containers. When bHZsMzUy manifests on a specific level, all objects, entities and wanderers appear to find themselves within bHZsMzUy, thus the entity count of bHZsMzUy in the area has the same survival difficulty as the level itself. As Level 0, Level 1, Level 4, Level 11 and Level 61 are the most common to be affected by bHZsMzUy’s invasive behavior, thus the entities from the various levels also appear to exist in bHZsMzUy.



First image produced in bHZsMzUy.

bHZsMzUy was discovered on September 25th, 1998 by two wanderers wandering in an uninhabited region of Level 2; the two wanderers were confirmed to be deep in conversation, mainly regarding a noticeable gap within the documents of the shared Backrooms database around bHZsMzUy’s given integer. Immediately after bHZsMzUy was mentioned, bHZsMzUy began to manifest around them in a near instant, presenting both wanderers with a paralysing scare; a storage unit was recorded to be created in front of one of the wanderers, causing the wanderer to disturb the structure of the specific unit door, making the door from then onward, possess large holes around where the wanderer’s neck, left arm and right leg were. At the time of the discovery of bHZsMzUy, only one region of the level had manifested. And thus, bHZsMzUy initially required little effort to escape the level.

Before the two wanderers left bHZsMzUy, they took a photograph of bHZsMzUy and sent the image along with the caption:

“What is this level? I just mentioned the lack of a [REDACTED AS PER PROTOCOL] on the database, and this just appeared in front of me”.

The wanderer has opened to doing this to discuss whether bHZsMzUy should be added to the Backrooms database. This resulted in two more materialisations of bHZsMzUy caused by the wanderer’s computer and Senior Archivist, Alexander Bates, causing bHZsMzUy to also contaminate Level 2 further and spread the level into Level 4. Overseer A of the Major Explorer Group was informed about the anomaly on 2nd October, 1998, and chose to deliver a public service announcement involving bHZsMzUy’s behavior. So not to trigger the level’s manifestation, Overseer A decided to speak in code, referring to the level’s name in morse code. This effort was deemed successful to some extent, as major cases of bHZsMzUy materialisation have dropped in number ever since.

An experiment was given the green-light to test potential stimuli capable of triggering bHZsMzUy’s invasive behavior. The experiment commenced at 6:00 PM on the 1st January, 2000. Using the outer boundaries of Level 812, a teleprompter was set up with various alternative names for bHZsMzUy. The following table displays the results given by the experiment.


Official English Designation Instant Materialisation (91m)
Shortened English Designation Instant Materialisation (91m)
Level Number (With Context) Materialisation After Delay (91m)
Level Number (With Alternate Context) No Effect (0m)
Level Number (Without Context) No Effect (0m)
Official Russian Designation No Effect (0m)
Official French Designation Materialisation After Delay (90m)
Official Vietnamese Designation Materialisation After Delay (86m)
NATO Phonetic Alphabet Materialisation After Delay (91m)
International Morse Code No Effect (0m)
Enigma Machine No Effect (0m)
Binary (Base-2) No Effect (0m)
Hexadecimal (Base-16) No Effect (0m)
Base-64 No Effect (0m)

Bases, Communities and Outposts:

Currently, no colonies exist in any instance of bHZsMzUy as of November 2022, due to the dangers of foreign entities and the difficulty of locating other wanderers in the level.

Access & Egress:


All Levels

Entrance into bHZsMzUy can be achieved via mentioning the level’s name using any language involving the Latin Alphabet in an intelligible manner. Using this method is guaranteed to lead to either a three-way or four-way intersection.


Level 96

The exit from bHZsMzUy into Level 96 can be achieved via crawling into a tight ventilation shaft measuring a width of 38 centimeters and a height of 29 centimeters. This exit will initially be blocked by a typical ventilation grill held onto the shaft by four Phillips screws.

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