Level 350
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Exit: 3/5
Difficult to Exit

Environment: 1/5
Low Environmental Risk

Entities: 0/5
No Hostile Entities

Level 350 is the 351st level of the Backrooms. The first encounter of the level was thought to had transpired in c. 1967, although it may have occurred in the much more distant past, quite possibly during the Middle Ages (est. ~1300 CE) or possibly even before the advent of written language.


The first image taken of Level 350, showcasing a few living plants that a wanderer had most likely planted. Photographer is unknown.


Level 350 is an expansive spatial anomaly mainly consisting of a macabre meadow where any varieties of color are non-existent due to an effect the level possesses, which diminishes the saturation of all colors that may have existed previously. Curiously, every indication of what could be a living thing is instead replaced with its artificial counterpart—sightings of sophisticated, sentient androids imitating insects had been formerly reported. Any presence of what was once a lively environment with flourishing plants and perhaps fauna is entirely nullified under unknown circumstances: plants, fungi, and insects seemingly stuck in during its decomposition process, unnaturally pristine surfaces devoid of noticeable signs of microorganisms, and abnormally preserved corpses of vertebrates without any chemicals discovered to do such task.

Large bridges are standard structural aberrations in the bounds of Level 350; they are almost always placed in a location where a bridge is unnecessary. By unknown means, these structures do not include any sensical architectural design; it is a perplexing scene for examiners of the bridges due to the irregularity of the design not causing any problems such as the unstableness and susceptibility to the wind. It has been authenticated a multitude of times that these bridges are stronger and much more stable in contrast to bridges with accurately calculated layouts regardless of their dimensions/appearance.

Multiple situations of tremendous blizzards as tall as a mountain have occurred within Level 350; these snowstorms generally ensue erratically, as one could unanticipatedly emerge without warning; their sudden appearance predominantly signifies the start of the winter season. Temperatures inward of Level 350 persist in being constant despite the start of the winter season; a tolerable 60 °F (15.56 °C) amidst the summer and winter periods. Snow originating from these blizzards that swathe the expansive enclosure of Level 350 could potentially have a depth of 600 inches (15.24 meters) to an impossibly deep 1500 feet (38.1 meters), notwithstanding the revelation in which the snow is much more dense and compact. This makes a journey to explore the level during the winter not much easier than the summer, as one may not sink below the snow. Despite the unnatural temperatures for the winter season, the snow cannot melt; otherwise, a major flooding event may arise within Level 350.


An aerial photograph of Level 350 showing 3 neighborhoods taken near the middle of the level; photographed by D.Sc. Sherwood D. Holmes. Incorrectly labelled as Level 35.

Houses in Level 350 functioning as seemingly "ordinary neighborhoods" are situated in a disorganized manner similar to that of the aforementioned bridges; the overall shape of these houses is an aberration from other structures present in Level 350. These houses resemble more hollow black cubicles than living spaces for wanderers; the edges of these houses are inordinately sharp which may be in comparison with a kitchen knife. Construction of these houses persists to be unascertained—the material by which these houses are forged by a plastic-like material; nevertheless, it is highly regarded the process of assembling these houses may require contraptions that retain 3D printing technology.

The construction material these houses are built out of is entirely black, as light cannot be reflected off of it. Said texture of this material is similar to that of plastic, with durability compared to that of steel; even so, it has been evaluated that the material in question is non-conductive, countering the argument of the color of these houses is unsuitable for such cold temperatures. Within the interior of these houses, the perfect black appearance it has on the outside completely vanishes. Tests carried out by executing a myriad of bombardments on these houses by explosives had determined an utterly solid block filled with the "plastic" material that is devoid of space. Upon closer inspection, the door which leads to the interior will open up to a stereotypical shack with decoration and an array of furniture.

Granted that its appearance on the outside coupled with its overall shape and size prevails to be consistent throughout, the position in which the furniture is arranged in these houses is whimsical in terms of the positions—not its inherent characteristics. Regardless, two constants are repeatedly identified within the interior: a calendar, and the presence of not less than one unrecognizable object/furniture/decoration. Calendars in the interior of these structures do not portray the precise date, instead opting for a mystifying date designated as "day zero", which is the origination of Level 350's notorious nickname. All pages of these calendars are substituted by this enigmatical date with no perceptible justifications.

Supplies and necessities such as almond water and sleeping bags are scarcely rare within these houses, with only an approximation of one almond water bottle per 250 houses. Instances of bottles of the said liquid containing lava in preference to almond water have transpired—it is advised against consuming the substance instantaneously before inspecting the mixture beforehand to prevent consequential injuries that may cause prolonged disabilities or an even greater degree: certain death. Cans of odd but edible substances can be uncovered hidden atop the tiny attic; they often contain chunks and the typical texture of these "foods" can be compared to that of a sludge, otherwise, it may be a sign of decontamination/mold/expiration.


An extremely rare case of a bridge crossing a river; photographer: James Remington.

Level 350 does share a moderate capacity of bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and artificial reservoirs. These waters are universally gargantuan in size: a loosely estimated area of 30,000 square miles for lakes, in addition to a length of 3,500 miles for rivers. Notwithstanding how enormous these waters can get, they tend to be considerably smaller/shorter as they get closer to the center of the level; in such a manner, it is feasible to dictate the pinpoint of the position where the absolute middle of Level 350 lies. Furthermore, the viscosity of the "water" these lakes, rivers, and reservoirs are comprised of is fairly more viscid and opaque than ordinary water.

Bubbling explosions on these waters are can be encountered on occasion, it is common for pockets of air to form atop the surface; the lifetime of these bubbles has been estimated to be approximately 7 minutes. Temperatures within the surrounding area affected by these explosions will promptly rise to a burning 300 °F (148.89 °C); due to this, it is advised against lingering within a circle with a 10-meter radius encircling the bubble. Nevertheless, one should avoid staying near these waters altogether, as the risks of being within the vicinity are adequately hazardous.

The distance of these waters downwards is extraordinarily unstable, with the presence of geometric polygon trenches inside of these beds dug/positioned in orderly patterns. The extent of these trenches heavily ranges in length, an average of 150 feet (45.72 meters) is estimated to be the depth of these bodies of water. Subsequently, it is urged not to venture on a plunge into these waters—one could get disoriented and go astray due to the opaqueness and the fluctuating/unpredictable depth. Moreover, the substance these waters are comprised of is edible; however, it should be known this substance is nearly identical to that of distilled water disregarding certain aforementioned factors, being its consistency and mistiness. Hence, one should not consume large amounts of this substance, the effects of drinking distilled water would appear.

Dams within Level 350 are monstrously tall in length; they primarily lie beneath the subterranean area of the level, with a sizeable opening revealing the structure itself. These dams appear to be abandoned; no human intervention can be encountered anywhere within the interior. Equipment and machines in these dams are spotless and seemingly operational, though any attempts to activate them will result in a complete malfunction of all machines within the dams; the source for the interconnected nature of these machines remains indefinite, as examinations of these fixtures have yet to conclude any results.


An image of trees in the distance in Level 350; photographer: Aaron Harrelson.

The predominant risk of entering Level 350 is the existence of time pockets. Each of these pockets possesses a time of its own, creating time dilations that may significantly modify devices that represent time such as clocks, watches, and phones to the point where these appliances malfunction. The quantity of these time pockets which exist within Level 350 is possibly infinite, as the estimated size/area of the level has yet to be calculated. No accurate measurements can be made of these pockets due to the limited number of people exploring Level 350 who packed an exact measurement tool to estimate the size of these pockets, as most gadgets simply malfunction entirely if it travels more than approximately 5 of these pockets.

These time dilations may result in an accidental time travel that transpires upon the exit from Level 350 to another level, causing the date to slightly, or even significantly transform. It may illustrate that most people who are confined within Level 350 would not return following a few years, to a more exceeding, speculated extent upon multiple millenniums; however, it is implausible for one to backtrack to previous times, and one can only proceed into the future. The age of the said person would remain the same, though the said person may come upon an utterly contrasting timeline compared to theirs; regardless, the unpredictable nature of the duration a person "remains" within Level 350 purely dictates it.

Because of these time pockets, it is extrenely encouraged for one to carry a non-digital object such as a calendar that may determine how much time one had skipped during their stay within Level 350.


A photograph of Level 313 with the surroundings slowly turning grey. The photographer almost instantly entered Level 350 after taking this photograph.

Entrances and Exits


Level 350 has a a phenomenon where the method of entering it changes almost every day; therefore, it would be extremely difficult to determine how to consistently enter the level, and thus, no entrances can be provided. The only sign of a nearby entrance that is even somewhat consistent is when the wanderer's surroundings gradually lose their hue. However, even that sometimes won't work, as the occurrence may actually signify an entrance to another level that has a similar greyscale effect.


Much like the entrances, exits from Level 350 change periodically; however, instead of switching every day, they do so every year. This makes it much easier to note down exits. Note that due to the time dilation, exits that will work in future years have been documented as well.

  • Walking on a bridge made of titanium triggers a seamless transition into {CLASSIFIED INFORMATION} (2023)
  • Touching any sort of radioactive material will send the wanderer to Level 174, usually outside of the hypocenter of the blast. (2024)
  • Pulling a chain in the ground hard enough will reveal a hole leading to Level 95. (2025)
  • Walking 10 kilometers in any direction invariably causes one to fall through the floor and enter Level 61. (2029)
  • If a wanderer finds a computer and opens it, them and their device will seemingly "no-clip through the air" and enter Level 4. (2032)
  • Falling asleep in extremely dark areas of the level is bound to lead to Level 133 once the wanderer wakes up. (2058)
  • Wanderers may no-clip into the ground at any time and enter the Future. (2100)
  • Drowning in a patch of quicksand will cause one's corpse to end up in Level 4401. (2345)
  • If one looks at the level's sun, turning around has a slight chance of causing instant transportation to Megaflora. (2571)
  • Counting from one to ten will mysteriously cause a large school to appear. Entering it leads to Level 117. (4096)

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